Today, I got 2 creams for a skin condition. The one for my face says "Don't expose skin to sun after use of this product". The one for the rest of my body says "This product relies on exposure to the sun". In other words, I have to be outside as much as I can, naked and with a box on my head. FML

By FromNL - / Friday 25 March 2011 12:22 / Netherlands
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By  ChantelRenaeee  |  0

hahahaha WTF? I hate scientific lotions. they say all this random shit then mean something else!!

  SassiestLemon  |  2

92- Im sure the skin condition spread or something, so that's why he's gotta be nude. OP- Next time, buy an expensive whore. The bangin isn't much better, but you'll get less diseases.

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