By crazycatlady - 19/11/2012 16:15 - United States

Today, I realized the number of cats I currently have is higher than the number of guys I've ever dated. FML
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thelinlinx3 10

Sometimes pussy is better than dick anyway ;P

yodas0da 12

dating a large number of people isn't necessarily something to be proud of. quality over quantity(:


Anything is greater than 0, so even having one cat would be more than the number of boyfriends. #ForeverAlone

That's your own fault! Get rid of the cats and start socializing!

gunmania0 12

So you've only ever had 1 inch of a girlfriend?

73 don't worry, you have your whole life ahead of you :))

She may have one or two cats, which is normal, and have only dated one person. She may not be a cat lady just yet..

umm read her user name (upper right corner for the app)

chell1894 13

I'm a crazy cat lady and adore my cats. I'm also engaged. Loving cats doesn't mean you're lonely or will never find someone..

#1 so are you the fml-writer of a couple of months back or is op just forgetting she already posted this fml before or are there just so many crazy catladies ???

bigturd113 3

of course there is shame.... you all are.going to be lonly cat ladies whoms house smells like cat... the more you have the less your chances

It's only bad depending on someone's age. If you're like 40 than that's really bad.

thelinlinx3 10

Sometimes pussy is better than dick anyway ;P

honeybadgerr 9

I bet that house is full of pussy hair though..

And the type of pussy that doesn't like to get wet.

142 - anything else you'd like to ruin?

TheIsland- either you're a moron, a virgin, or both. Which is it?

OP, just take a chance & go out & to public events & talk to people.

Who says they've got a social problem. Maybe they've had 5 boyfriends and they have 6 cats. Then again maybe you're right:)

or mabie op's lesbian (no offence op just a thot

Or maybe they have 200 cats... No? Okay.

Man, I guess you can have too much pussy.

thelinlinx3 10

5- your comment is ******* hilarious!

5, someone should make an equation for this, im sure someone clever could make an entertaining equation for that.

64 thank you, I take pride in making fellow FML'rs laugh. 120 yes, It would be quite interesting to know just how much pussy is too much.

yodas0da 12

dating a large number of people isn't necessarily something to be proud of. quality over quantity(:

unknown_user5566 26

Oops, I didn't see your comment before I posted mine. I totally agree! I am proud to have dated a relatively small amount of people in my life, because the relationships were pretty good. I don't understand why some people like to rack up their number of relationships- I mean, what's the point?

obviousboy 8

I feel like a more pertinent ratio would be number of twilight books owned to number of boyfriends.

priceyfml 7

I agree, in school there is one girl I like... If she doesn't like me I'm not instantly going to go ask out another girl. I'd prefer to have a small amount of relationships.

TheDrifter 23

I prefer to do things in an unorthodox order. Start with a sexual encounter and if you can still look them in the eye in the morning, then consider a relationship. Relationships last longer that way, and all the awkward is it of the way early.

#77 - That's how me and my hubby did it... of course, even married, with two cats I can say the same thing as OP

obviousboy 8

You better get out there and keep your eyes on the balls.

...Or try to act normal and not gaze at everybody's balls!

blcksocks 19

Glad you found out the reasoning behind that.

Lucious306 7

Be careful, you may be known as the cat lady