Brain fart

By Anonymous - 27/01/2010 18:09 - United States

Today, the speakers on my laptop weren't working. I worried I'd broken something, and started freaking out. I restarted my computer numerous times and played with the settings for an hour before calling my sister in to help. She looked at it for two seconds, then unplugged my headphones. FML
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cronatoes 0

congrats, your now a certified tard.

xosKsxo 0

ahhh lmfao sorry that one made me laugh


xosKsxo 0

ahhh lmfao sorry that one made me laugh

suck it up


xlostwithoutu 0

Wooooow... epic fail.... 

Ajjas013 6

Are you blonde?

WOW, lmao. ur smart ;)

smartie pants 8-)

same here!!!!

LOL!!!! Funniest one I've seen in a while! You ********!

betsy5 0

i'm a blonde. and i'm not that stupid.

haha you suckkkk

at least you didn't call some super-expensive repairman

thank you for informing us.

thats all you

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lakedvorak 0

haha loser

Has nobody realized that this is a repeat?

I think the another fml had something to do with an iPod and headphones plugged in... so mostly the same

you must be blonde

And you must be beautiful, ;) hehe. But seriously that was an epic fail :P


cronatoes 0

congrats, your now a certified tard.



THANK YOU, #10!!

Resist sexist remark...

how the **** is this racist or sexist?!

Learn to read dipshit. I know you women hav a hard time with logical though, but god damn...

waterynuggets 0

The ironing is delicious.

Jesus Christ. Not helping.

lol, rota's the master of dipshit

In that case. It's a woman from New need to say more


Lol I did that once... But the headphones was the first thing I checked...

so, where are all the "Today, I got diagnosed with cancer. FML" fmls?

Cancer was cured yesterday.

Towelie_31 0

#12 the hospital

yeah... you deserved it... and probably shouldn't own a computer ^_^