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  MadeOfAwesome  |  1

The OP deserves because he listens to music?? What the hell? Seriously, music is about half my life. I really cannot live without it. Well, less dramatically, I'd being living a really shitty existence

  fyourlife33  |  0

"a man who ALWAYS plays spanish guitar in the subway".... always? so what is the big deal you will see him tomorrow and can get your money back.. at least leave out the word always if you want it to sound like a decent FML

  T1MT1M  |  0

Screw you all. The reason why people download music is because most of the money doesn't go to the band it goes to the record companies. This is a bloke on the side of the road trying to make an honest buck (or so it seemed) and this is the only way he can make money from the music that he plays for everyone.


  swagmonkey  |  0

Fuck you, Nikk (#68), Viper (#1), Star (#30), and everyone else who thinks the OP deserves crap for buying music in the first place. I'm a professional musician, and I rely on people paying for my work to make a living. We work just as hard as people in all sorts of professions that you would never imagine getting to work for you for free. Why should we not get paid for it? Try not listening to music if you're not willing to pay for it, and see how you feel then about whether music is worth your support.

This guy isn't an honest musician, apparently, but saying that someone should never pay for music at all is basically telling me that my whole life and livelihood is not worth anyone's dime. I'd like to hear you say that to my face.

  ChaCerCam  |  14

he should go give him a visit :) take all his "music CDs' " and break them, he could atleast be trying to make money honestly, but he is scamming its the least he deserves.

  redbluegreen  |  40

I hate when FML freezes and I can't fix my error before time runs out.

But I've bought several CDs from people that sing on corners /the train or are just walking around promoting their band, and this has never happened. x-x

  birds_fml  |  7

Yeah, it might've been a mistake. Why would someone rip someone else off, when he's going to be in the same place every day? Basically, he's there in the subway every day, so he knows that you know where he works! Go back and tell him he accidently sold you a blank cd, and ask him for a different copy. If the other copy is also blank, or he refuses, well, you can heckle him every day from then on :)

  Roto13  |  0

I'd say it's probably a mistake. If he's at that same spot all the time, he's probably not there to rip people off because it's not exactly hard to find him in that case. Bring the CD back and tell him what happened and he'll probably give you another one.