By BoldMoveCotton - 15/06/2016 21:30 - United States - Pleasant Hill

Today, I put in my two-week notice. My boss responded by saying, "Okie dokie" and hanging up. Guess they were glad to be rid of me. FML
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What kind of response were you expecting?

Was he supposed to say no?


daniel271 13

Well damn

Well it could have been worse...

Dude noooooooo never over the phone..

That's most likely the reason they responded that way... OP kinda brought it on himself..

What kind of response were you expecting?

"Oh no! What a shame! How will we EVER live without you!? This business will surely cease to exist without you here!"

Sorry OP, that sort of thing should be done by letter, that's probably part of the reason why your boss responded that way

Was he supposed to say no?

ShortieRose 30

What were you expecting? Your boss to beg you to stay, after you gave notice over the phone? No one is irreplaceable in the workplace!

That's a bold strategy, Cotton. Let's see of it pays off for him.

Beckei 18

Effin A, Cotton, effin A!

TabooSushi 24

Workforce Rule Number One: You are not as indispensable as you think you are.

Of course he said that, with the economy right now there are a lot of people wanting your position.