By Anonymous - United States - Ypsilanti
  Today, I bought professional hair clippers to shave down below, thinking it would be safer than using a razor. Let's just say the bathroom now looks like a murder scene, and it's going to be a while before I have sex again. FML
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  Codezlol  |  21

No offense but I am guessing you guys are clueless as to the meaning of "Once bitten, twice shy". It actually fits this Fml quite nicely.

  Llama_Face89  |  33

38- Once bitten twice shy means when you have an unpleasant experience you tend to try and avoid putting yourself in situations that may result in a similar experience. It actually relates rather well to this FML.

  blackpuddle  |  30

I do the same. I set it on the closest trim setting and there is practically no hair left, and no razor burn unlike shaving. I've also had no blood from it, also unlike shaving.

  UberNova  |  18

I once used shaving cream, a razor (guarded of course) and scissors. Always pay full attention! Shaving cream in a cut on your sack is beyond painful.

  perdix  |  29

*or a guy, I'm sure you meant to say.

I'm glad you mentioned this. . . I have two separate cringes in store depending on the OP's gender.

It seems that 90+% of FMLs include the OP's gender, and the rest are where it's relevant.