By how bout no! - 9/10/2020 17:01 - United States - Hesperia

Not gonna happen

Today, my boyfriend of 5 years said that he wants to marry and spend his life with me. But first he wants to go be wild and single for a few years before settling down. Not only does he not see a problem with this, he expects me to wait and be faithful to him while he “gets it out of his system”. FML
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By  Hailstorm92  |  9

Tell him yes but don’t get back with him when he does but keep the ring if he’s proposed an all string him along until he wants back with ya. Teach the pig a lesson

By  Lora Wood  |  10

Find someone to agree to be your new boyfriend. Watch him lose his mind. Video the meeting.

By  xingyibear  |  3

tell him sure, lets see how this plays out. let him free and do his thing. then instead of waiting and being faithfull ypu move on and throw away this trashy dude

By  SPrilla  |  1

what about trying out polyamory??? look into it and if he feels he didn't experience enough maybe talk about what u both need. if it's better to seperate or stay together. be open n honest