By shrimp41 - 14/05/2009 19:47 - United States

Today, I realized that the only human being I have talked to in the last three days is the guy at the drive thru. FML
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Guys at the drive thru can be pretty cool......

I work at a tiny greasebox diner. I have been that person for a lot of people. All of you who are being harsh would be surprised. Greasy food=comfort food for a lot of people, I get some of my lonlier customers 3-4 times a week. If your fast food guy is anything like me, he might care. At the same time, a drive through is hardly time enough for talking, so the people that are suggesting that may not have a point. If you need comfort food and are lonely, try a sit down resturaunt or anything indoor where you can at least get to know the people working there. We're all reclusive sometimes. The people that are harsh are probably in high school. :)


Guys at the drive thru can be pretty cool......

Sex lines are better. OP should call one, it'll make OP feel better ;)

Well what did you talk about? Burgers and Fries or did you actually "talk" - about things? Was this guy a friend of yours? More info please!!

LOL!!!!!!!!!! J/K its okay we all have those times..and am I first??

oh myy.... shrimp41... i'm sorry. call ur mom or something.

ahh she will be alright I once went 5 months talking to my favorite pen(Steve) and my favorite shoe lace(Cory)....

oh myy.... shrimp41... i'm sorry. call ur mom or something.

YDI, it's not that hard to talk to people, unless you're a recluse or something.

i know the feeling :p

what are you an unemployed bum who lives by thereself and has no friends i mean no offense fyl, but like they said call your mom, either way by talking does texting count as talking, you dont mean to tell me you haven't texted/communicated internet or any other way to somebody in 3 days, thats impossible unless you were like sleeping that whole time.

thats your own fault, get some fucking friends its not that hard

Ohhhh you wouldn't believe how har it is for me... WAHHHH IM A LONER!!

What the hell have you been doing all that time?