By Anonymous - 18/09/2015 06:04 - United States - New Albany

Today, I was running late for school and accidentally ran a red light and got pulled over. I couldn't find the registration and was freaking out, when the cop told me that he wouldn't give me a ticket if he could give me some advice. His advice? Don't wear your shirt inside-out. FML
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That cop is a true bro.

Hey, it isn't so bad. At least you didn't get a ticket. :)


Hey, it isn't so bad. At least you didn't get a ticket. :)

Well I would be super thankful, and it's better to have an inside out shirt than a ticker

How is that an fml? You ran a red light and didn't get a ticket, that's a win!

That cop is a true bro.

Damn sounded like a bad day but you have no idea how lucky you got off.

better than a ticket. :) just drive careful.

I would say this was a good day for you. No ticket. And you can always fix your shirt in the bathroom at school.

why isn't this a great day? they guy helped you out at the risk of getting caught for letting you go on the parking ticket

Be happy. You don't have a ticket.

Consider yourself lucky. With everything's going around with moving violations, this was the best outcome. Ever!