By fmymouth - 20/08/2015 04:48 - United States - Los Angeles

Today, I found out that the motorcycle I paid cash for was an illegal import. My plates are canceled, I have to turn in the bike for it to be destroyed, and the seller has vanished off the face of the planet. FML
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The owner could lock it away, hide it. It's their property in the end...

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Ride together, bake pie together.

Pie is nice. Motorbikes are nice. Pie bike?

Okay, I have no idea as to why I commented that. I'll see myself out.

Happens to a lot of people, FYL OP and be sure to do some research next time.

Destroyed? That seems a little harah. I wish they'd at least reimburse for the plates.

Well it was OP's fault for not checking these things out so I don't think he needs reimbursed. Don't see the point in destroying a perfectly fine working bike though, that's just wasteful. Can't they resell it with proceeds going to police or charity or something? Or is it not suitable to use on US roads then?

it's probably because they want to make sure they are never driven. it's stupid though. like if you illegally imported the Skyline GT-R from Japan. I wish it was easier to buy those..

They're not street legal and never will be without extensive, expensive mods that nobody would pay for. Might as well just buy a different bike with that money.

That's fair enough 27. Wasn't sure if it was the bike itself that was illegal or just the importing of it.

Even if it's just the importing of the bike that's illegal I'd imagine they'd still destroy it. The cops aren't known for peaceful/non-violent measures, after all.

30, the law for cars (and I imagine bikes as well) is 25 years or a bunch if the same model have to be subjected to crash tests, effectively destroying them, at the owners expense. Otherwise the government takes the car and destroys it.

I wouldn't use cash for something that expensive, but that sucks. Think any of your insurance covers it?

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Did you buy it off of Craigslist? lol..but that sucks dude. I hope you find the guy so you can get your money back.

even if they find the guy they can't get there money back no proof that's why they want cash to paper trail

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This is why I stay away from sites like that. Idk if that's where it was purchased, but I wouldn't be surprised.

interesting username, but that sucks man... sorry, research the dealer next time

Guess it is time for you to create your own shady craigslist ad. Used import bike. No plates. Runs great. Faster than a Crown Victoria, incase you were wondering...