By topaz23 - 16/04/2015 16:34 - Canada - Surrey

Today, my husband told me he doesn't see the point in trying anymore, and that he no longer loves me. I was devastated. He stayed on the couch while I went to bed. Ten minutes later, he said, "Do you mind? I'm trying to sleep." and asked me to shut up. FML
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topaz23 tells us more.

I want to thank everyone for their comments. When I went to bed crying it was nearly 4am and he had to pick up our 2 kids from his moms house at 6am. We have our issues and it's just one if those humps we are trying to get over. I posted venting cause I was frustrated. He travels lots for work and hardly sees me and our kids I think a big part of it is depression. Not that that's an excuse. We talked more before he had to leave out of town again today for 2 weeks and we are gonna try and resolve our issues though I'm not sure how well that will work out. But I am trying to stay positive. As much as it hurts he's doing his best to be honest with me and talk it through. We were both just very tired and like I said he had to pick up our kids. We have been together nearly 6 years. And he's the only person I love and trust the only ones I love more are our kids. Now matter how hard this is hurting me right now I am trying to look at the positive and moved forward.

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That's horrible- I hope you find someone better who will treat you right and deserve you. Until then, just focus on moving on and making yourself happy. It will get better, I promise.

As much as this sucks and hurts like hell right now, he's shown his true colors. (they read: MAJOR ASSHOLE) This is an opportunity to find someone who will actually love and respect you- good luck!


Your life seriously sucks! I hope things get better for you soon!

I'm sorry to hear that dear. Hopefully he'll give his head a good shake.

This is very sad. Sounds like he's got a younger woman on the side. That tends to make men delusional as to how desirable they are when all the girl wants is $$$.

#53. Why do you automatically jump to the conclusion that OP's husband is cheating?

that's what happened with my parents

Not everyone's your parents.

You would expect someone, even in times like this, would be caring and mature. Some people. Sorry OP, he sounds like a d-bag. FYL

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I mean, something had to have led up to this...signs or cues that there's someone else... i mean he just didn't wake up one day deciding he didn't love u anymore op..there has to be a root cause.

The root cause may just be falling out of love. People change, some more than others, and sometimes the changes lead to different feelings. Maybe it was a gradual decrease in interest so OP never noticed. Either way, though, he acted thoughtlessly and cruelly and he should have at least shown a miniscule amount of care to OP

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You can be honest and still have compassion. For example, by not telling your partner to shut up after making her cry.

People who pride themselves on their brutal honesty usually put more emphasis on the brutality than the honesty. Candor isn't an excuse to pointlessly hurt people, much less people who may still love you even if you no longer love them.

He honest about his heart being dead and lifeless, anyway.

Don't worry you'll find someone better than your insensitive soon to be ex-husband.

I really don't know why "I am so sorry" is getting down voted. I agree with #6, sorry OP. There are people out there who would try to always make you smile and hate themselves for even making you cry. You deserve better.

Because it's an empty post with no substance. It literally says the bare minimum in terms of sympathy. Additionally, OP, don't give up on your husband yet. He could be depressed. It doesn't sound like he's lost love for you, but for everything.

#35 A little hypocritical that your username is Mrconcise XD

Some people don't know what else to say and apparently aren't as poetic with words as some others. Doesn't mean "I am so sorry" isn't any less sympathetic than a long spew of words. To OP, your husband sounds like my ex. It'll get better, it'll just take some time.

#49 - Yeah, that's the joke. People who know me know that I tend to ramble on and on about anything as long as there's a point to make.

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@35 - I know that personally when I'm down I don't want some to give me a ******* massive dissertation on on why my life sucks or why they're sorry. I'm sorry is perfect. When someone dies and I go to their funeral I say "I'm sorry for your loss/my condolences". Maybe something a little more personal of I were close to them. Theres nothing empty about their comment. what the hell else are they supposed to say? We don't know the OP personally. We don't know the whole situation. I'm sure that the OP, if they're looking at this, will appreciate all comments big or small.

#35: I think it qualifies as "shitposting". You know what they say - "If you don't have anything smart or original to say, it's best not to say anything at all"...

#35, depression might be behind the apathy of his feelings, but it does not cause or justify the cruelty with how he's broken the news to his wife.

It's not necessarily shitposting because it contributes very lightly toward the OP's mentality. It gives a face and name to the many people who say "FYL". However, "I'm so sorry" is just so bland. There's no encouragement, nothing distinct or special about it, it's bare minimum. Obviously it's going to accumulate likes over time because it's not a terrible comment, but regulars bury it initially because to them it looks lazy.

#125: "Bare minimum" is exactly my point. It's just a notch above "first" and "lol". The reason it's accumulating points is precisely the simplicity coupled with lack of controversy. Since the posts aren't graded on any scale besides + and -, the safest bet is to make a short post that will have very little for people to object to, while having SOMETHING very basic that they will feel in agreement with. Will they agree with this short post more than disagree? Hell yeah. How about that complicated one that raises a number of issues? There's a decent chance quite a few people will dislike such a post if even a single part of it pisses them off enough. Writing a long post people will READ and predominantly AGREE with is a goddamn challenge. Writing 4 words that don't really bring anything insightful to the table but express the common sentiment? Simple and effective. On any other site this would be less egregious, but FML is all about stories of bad things happening to people. Feeling sorry for most of them is the result of having empathy as human beings. There's even a button for that. Then again - the people have spoken...

#159 maybe #6 doesn't care about upvotes or downvotes. maybe just maybe she commented on the op's FML because she simply wanted to say sorry?

I definitely only comment for upvotes. Yup. Sorry definitely means something by itself. Yup.

#173: I'm not saying #6 cares, I am simply saying it works and marveling at the curious effort-to-upvote function ;P.

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Tell him you do mind and to get out.

It will be okay and I hope you have a good support system to back you up in this time of need. He's an asshole, don't give him another thought because you are beautiful and you can do much better than him. Okay?

Fyl that you had to go through a wedding before he decided to leave. You deserve better. best of luck getting through this!

That's horrible- I hope you find someone better who will treat you right and deserve you. Until then, just focus on moving on and making yourself happy. It will get better, I promise.

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Don't mean to be an ass, this FML is super sad and I totally agree with your comment #12 ...However I just came to say that when I first saw your name I thought it was "hail eyebrows".