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Today, my cellphone-hating teacher called someone during class, so I called him out about it. Turned out his wife was having a tumor removed, and he was calling to see if she was okay. FML
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all I did was make a joke about his policy and he blew the **** up. he is the kind of guy that gives you 3 days of detention if your phone vibrates in your pocket. real nazi.

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I assume since the teacher made that rule he'd make sure it's a damn good reason he's using it.

ScottVining 21

If he really hates phones you should've realized it was something serious.


I assume since the teacher made that rule he'd make sure it's a damn good reason he's using it.

What kind of idealistic world do you live in? I've had so many teachers they were against phones use them themselves just because they were bored. The teacher probably should have said that he was using it for a good reason, but he probably wasn't thinking. It isn't ops fault though because he didn't know. It's a bad situation, but it isn't really anyone's fault

You're missing the point. Regardless of the rule OP should've never opened his mouth just for the sake of proving a point. Humility comes a long way.

It's the teacher's fault. Being this was a rule the teacher had, he should have explained the situation to the class, just to prevent such a misunderstanding.

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#39 No, the teacher shouldn't have to explain the situation to the class. His wife's having a tumor removed, so it's none of their business.

I think it kind of depends. I have teachers who are really friendly and open with students and have no problem joking around about these things, and I would consider that an honest mistake. Although it sounds like OP didn't really have one of these good-natured relationships with his teacher, you never know.

Did it say he repeatedly used the phone? That this was a regular occurrence? Oh wait, no. It was because it was special circumstances. If he doesn't use his phone all the time it should be obvious he had good reason.

It's not op's place to call the teacher out on anything in my opinion. The teacher made the rule, he's the one in charge, he can break the rule if he wants too (although if he never uses the phone and used it now you'd think it would be something serious). I think op was just trying to be a smart-alec and it backfired. Although I do feel bad that you put your foot in your mouth over something so serious; but maybe this is good and you won't act up toward your authority figure next time. Sorry op. Lesson learned.

It probably would have HELPED had he explained at the beginning of the lesson that his wife was at the hospital (no need to state the reason, that's nobody's business) and he would later use his phone to check up about her, but he didn't HAVE to, because since he usually is that adamant about phones, and has obviously never broken his own rule before, it should be obvious that there has to be a very good reason. I'm sure that, had a student an issue of similar severity and explained before the start of the lesson, they would be allowed to leave the room with their phone for a short call.

No. If it is high school we are talking about the teacher is the adult and the students are the kids he is responsible for. He doesn't have to explain anything.

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OP obviously brought up the teacher's rule during that time to get some kind of reaction, so perhaps he should've remained quiet and kept his thoughts to himself.

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If he really hates phones you should've realized it was something serious.

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Not your fault man.. How would you possibly know that was happening. Don't worry so much about it :)

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It's his fault for opening his mouth. He isn't the authority figure so he should have minded his own business.

cprad11 12

Actually, it is OP's fault.

If he hates phones he would have had good reason, that seems fairly obvious. And if you object to a rule (as it sounds like you do) the way to go about making it more lax is not to criticise other people for breaking it, I get the temptation but it's just obnoxious really

It's also disrespectful. If he is your teacher you should 1. Mind your own business, and 2. Keep your mouth shut instead of calling him out considering he has authority over his students.

Still should've stayed that even though his policy he need to call his wife Not your fault op

cprad11 12

I want to disagree with you, but I'm unable to decipher hieroglyphics.

Laughed so hard at this XDD

He could have excused himself. If you don't follow your rule, the kids won't.

tantanpanda 26

This isn't a parent/child kind of thing. I know professors and teachers who don't allow the usage of phones, but leave theirs on anyway since they're the teacher. It's their classroom so they can do whatever they want. School isn't a democracy where everyone abides by the same rules.

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cheshireau 26

Finally, someone who sees reason. I'm sorry his wife is really ill, but it would have been better to excuse himself. Plus, I wouldn't want my students knowing details about my life so I'd go where no one would listen in

Well that's bullshit. Teachers should have to follow the rules too. It should be a democracy otherwise your school has shit values and is teaching the kids it's OK to break the rules if you have power and authority

@60 So you mean teaching them about how it does work in real life?

And don't get me wrong, I do not think it should be like that for any reason, but that's just how it is with a lot of things.

That is idealistic thinking that kids tend to use to get out of being told what to do. No. He is the teacher. He doesn't have to worry about his grades failing or cheating on a test due to a phone because he is an adult and has worked his butt off to work in that career field. But he has to worry about if the students are up to no good with their phones because they are his responsibility while with him. I never agreed with not having a cell on you in school, you better believe my daughter will have one on her at all times. But don't use it during class. It's disrespectful and can be extremely distracting.

Not sure why everyone is telling you to assume a schoolteacher isn't a hypocrite when it comes to the rules for class. I'm not sure I ever met one that wasn't. I probably would have questioned that call too. If the teacher was that serious about the rule he could have just stepped outside the classroom to make the (obviously very personal and private) call. Double standard avoided.

Wouldn't that still be using the phone during class time making him breaking the rule still?

Look, teachers make double standards. Doesn't mean you try and be all bad-ass and correct them on it. Teachers don't have to wear uniforms, students do. Teachers get to have their own computer, students don't. And teachers get to use their phone if they deem it important. Get used to it. What OP did was just disrespectful, and in no way did just pointing it out for no reason make him look in any way like the good guy.

I don't know where you go 21 but for me us students also get their own laptop and we don't have a uniform, but the teachers do. Also if our teacher is using their phone and not the phone in the front office, then they can get warning and eventually a forced few day vacation.

#22 I've been to several different schools and I can tell you that your school is completely backwards from normal schools. I've never seen a teacher wear a uniform, ever. And I doubt middle schoolers are allowed to have laptops. High schoolers, maybe, but I've never seen a kid just pull out his laptop and start typing.

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Teachers usually have dress codes, not uniforms. Teachers can break their own rules, but not the ones above them.

You kinda deserved it... I wanna talk back to my teachers but I know I'll get in trouble

I doubt the teacher would have had the same tolerance for a student making a call during class for something similar.

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The difference is that you could leave the room or go to he office to make the call. If the teacher leaves the classroom, it would turn into a Lord of the Flies situation.

When I was teaching we weren't allowed to have our phones except during planning periods and lunch. If there was a special circumstance, I could email the principal and let her know why I needed my phone on me during the day. The same went for students but they had to clear it through me. I taught 3rd grade so the issue rarely came up. But if a student or parent thought it was important enough to talk to me about, it usually was important enough for me to allow them to have a phone in class.

I guess I'm assuming it's college students where they are adults. or at least can pretend to be for 5 minutes. .

I teach high school. I also have a strict "no phone" policy—mainly because most of the time, the phone is distracting students from class or students are using it to cheat. I don't think a "no phone" policy for school (high school or college) is that unreasonable. However, I (and most teachers) understand that emergencies exist (for students and teachers). If OP's teacher was in the habit of making/receiving phone calls during class regularly, that's one thing (and yes, I know teachers who use their phones constantly, but will confiscate a student's phone if they even see it). But if this was the first time the teacher used the phone, perhaps OP should have kept his mouth shut. As long as someone isn't abusing it, making/receiving an emergency phone call during class isn't something to get worked up over.

I can understand, even agree with a "no usage" policy regarding cell phones in class but you better believe that when my daughter gets old enough she will have her cell phone on her at all times. Not in her locker or the office. On her person. Never can be too safe. But I will teach her to respect the teachers rules about usage in the classroom.