By Lily Cakes - United States - Clarksville

Spoke too soon

  Today, I was watching a TV show with my 7-year-old niece. A scene came on where the main character was being tortured, and the one torturing him said, "I'm gonna make you scream." Without hesitating, I said, "Oh, kinky." My niece turned to me and asked, "What does kinky mean?" FML
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  Lua96  |  6

The first time I met my cousin, she was 4 or 5; the second time, she was 9 or 10. For all we know, this could be the first time OP had met their niece. It happens, especially if you happen to live far apart from each other (My dad moved to the north of Germany, his side of the family mostly lives in the southwest) and/or aren't that close (I have an aunt I've never met in my life, and have no desire to do so until they apologize for how they think about my cousin).

By  WHSKitty4ever  |  23

No offense, but this pretty much sounds like the comment from the above FML? Not meaning to insinuate that this didn’t happen, just making an observation.
In any case, your life sucks, OP. Sorry about that.

By  Summaria  |  10

So you are uncomfortable talking with your 7 year old niece about erotic preferences but are perfectly fine watching a torture scene on TV with her?

By  AxelRose  |  6

Why the heck were you watching a TV show where someone was being tortured with a seven year old girl?

...I have so many questions...

You said that with no hesitation in front of a 7 year old...