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By Anonymous - 23/01/2020 01:00

Today, I heard that my mom is coming back from France, where my brother lives. I have lived in the same place, exactly 45 minutes from my mother, for 6 years. She hasn't visited me once, but has been out of state to see my sibling. FML
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go visit her yourself you lazy sod

Every parent has a least-favorite child.


So, invite her over. Do you expect her to just show up. Make her dinner. Invite her to a show or movie. Your an adult now. Grow up

bloopaloop 27

It’s because she doesn’t love as much as your sibling. Your company is probably generally not as pleasurable.

go visit her yourself you lazy sod

It won’t count if she doesn’t visit, even if he’s over ever single day.

Every parent has a least-favorite child.

I'm curious. Have you visted her?

thehaystackerine 20

how often do you visit her?

Damn, I just know my mom would do the same 😩😞 it sucks living like you’re not loved

julfunky 29

When you don’t have the immediate access to family members it makes a difference. The fact that she can’t go see him whenever she wants will push her to visit. And maybe it’s more convenient for her to go to him rather than him visit. Depending on how often you actually see her, not just how often she visits, decides the FML severity.

julfunky 29

Also, FRANCE. Has it crosses your mind that maybe she just wanted a little vacation? Ffs