By Tasji - 27/7/2009 06:24 - Canada
Today, I sent in a fake story to a website that supports a yearly festival in my small town thinking it would boost their spirits. It was how my boyfriend proposed to me at last year's festival. Now the local news station wants to do a story about it. FML
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By  FMLlama  |  0

I was there, I heard one of the artists talking about how someone got engaged there last year. The problem was, I don't think Vfest was IN Vancouver last year. = I'm pretty sure this was the first one...


you are a lying whore bag i hate you so much you have no idea how much you have ruined my day you little bitch what the hell is wrong with you why have you made upi this fucking pathetic story what the fuck we all have to feel sorry for you because you made up a stupid fucking story and now have to deal with the consequences. get the fuck over it. you are pathetic and represent everything that is wrong with this world i hate you i think maybe it would be best if you would just curl up and die somewheree i mean what the fuck yeah all peole from small towns are freaks you are so weird why would you make up that story probably cos you are too FAT AND UGLY AND PATHETIC to get an actual boyfriend that would propose to you so you made one up well you deserve everything you get you fat bitch.

  hecuva  |  0

i'm surprised you didn't throw in something like "you must be gay and making up even having a boyfriend" other than that i think you covered almost everything that a troll would want to say to try and get a reaction :) have a nice day

  Failzoid  |  0

#17. I've seen your replies lately.. They're very spiteful. You need to chill the hell out. It's a website. An online website. It doesn't effect you directly. At all. So CHILL. Before you like burst a testicle or something..

Also. OP Try not to lie like that. Not good for soul or karma. ... It was anonymously sent right?

  usofanni  |  0

#17 LMAO I joined the website just so i could reply to say that I about died reading this comment lol

the fake over-exaggerated animosity was too much ahahahaha

  diet_otaku  |  0

don't send in fake stories, but since you already have, tell the news people that the engagement was called off and you don't want to talk about it, and you only shared that story with the website to boost their spirits.

  winemysavior  |  4

hahah wth to that person's reply. funny.
anyways just say you don't want to do it. make up something else like it's against your religious beliefs i dont know. just reject it!

  FarSide  |  22

Why not? The main stream drive-by media prints or televises lies every single day.

Just say not to the interview and learn your lesson. End of your FML.

  tick_tock  |  0

It's just a troll, don't spread the fire.

As for the FML, I can see that you were just trying to raise their spirits and it's not like you expected a news crew to call you! However, it is still sort of your fault =[

  XOfiestypixie  |  0

My oh my, but #5, as a Canadian, it's difficult not to reply to this. =/
So i'll just say this: Last time I checked, Canadians were NOT known for inbreeding, however, several hours South of the boarder was. NOT saying I agree with what is thought about said people (one of my best friends is from there), just saying what the general consensus is. ;)

  RJB  |  0

No, only the hicks in America Inbreed. The Confederacy btw. and North Florida. South Florida doesnt. and Troll:Canada rules.

Any body that says Git R Done= Inbreeder.

  peach_fml  |  0

The confederacy has been dead for quite some time, you may not have heard about this "Civil war" we had. Just because some moron insulted Canada does not mean you have the right to make broad generalizations about the American Populace. You are just as bad as the troll, pathetic.

I like Canada, I think it's a beautiful country and some of my favorite comedians hail from there so I could never say anything bad about it. But, America is beautiful too and is broad and diverse and doesn't deserve to have you slinging redneck accusations at my country simply because you are bitter.

By  FMLlama  |  0

I was there, I heard one of the artists talking about how someone got engaged there last year. The problem was, I don't think Vfest was IN Vancouver last year. = I'm pretty sure this was the first one...


I didnt get it either at first but then i read it again..

She sent in a fake story about how her boy friend proposed to her at last years festival to some website that supports the festival. And the local news station wants to do a report on it. Her boyfriend really didn't propose to her. Point blank.

it wasn't even that funny..