By latepayer - 13/10/2009 15:04 - United States

Today, I found out that I owed my school $0.20. They decided to charge me a late fee of $20 for deferring the intial payment. FML
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Kristoffer 35

A $20 late fee on a 20¢ fee is illegal.

cheap school...go complain and chuck two dimes at them


moonlight_daze 8

Oh, well. It happens. Debt makes the world go 'round.

yDane 0

That's why... ...The second amendment comes in handy.

TylerOMFG 7

yDane: you win sir! I strongly believe in the right to bear arms.

It's how they get you. But usually they are dealing with hundeds of dollars owed. You just became stuck in the red tape.

it depends how long u owed it for...

yah like I have this. overdu library book and I gave it back but am afraid to go to the library incase they know it's me somehow

danimal_crackerz 26

Ya know, there's a button for that

moonlight_daze 8

lol. It's funny 'cause it's true.

cheap school...go complain and chuck two dimes at them

You idiot, he owed them twenty cents and they're charging him twenty DOLLARS in additon to it!

PlasmaWafflez 0

That sucks, but $20 isn't all that much dude.

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