By ClaireWinchester - 02/09/2013 00:47 - United States - Half Moon Bay

Today, I found out that Cheetos are flammable, as is my hair. FML
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ClaireWinchester tells us more.

Hey guys, OP here (: I was so excited to hear that this got published!! Thank you for all your feedback, even the ones saying I deserved what happened. I believe due explanations are in order. First of all: I wasn't the one who lit the Cheetos on fire, that was courtesy of my older brother. He saw a post on iFunny saying that Cheetos are flammable, so, naturally he felt the need to see which flavor of Cheetos burned the fastest. He then he ran into my room to show me his discovery, waving a flaming Cheeto around proudly. I'm assuming you can guess what happened next.


Kn0wledge123 21

Seriously. How the hell does that happen??

I really hope OP replies back. You can't say such a thing then not elaborate!!!

ohro 10

I have to know this story before I conduct my own experiments!

Yeah, somehow I feel whatever happened is definitely OP's fault. Until further details, Cheers

tjv3 10

Is your hair made out of substitute cheesy goodness too?

And, how exactly did you find these two things out? At the same time, perhaps? I know just how dangerously cheesy they are

I'm just glad I eat Hawkins cheeses then.

Wait, you don't put Cheetos in your hair?!

I've been using them wrong all this time...

37, your pic makes the comment so much funnier

This FML definitely needs follow-up. I'm curious.

moonsalt 20

Agreed. This FML lacks important details.

TrinityNevada 11

I was about to say the same thing! I can imagine dropping a cheeto on the floor, picking it up, and throwing it into an ashtray that just happened to have a hot in there. I can understand catching your hair on fire, too, maybe by lighting a cigarette on the stove. I cannot imagine how both the cheeto- and hair-thing occured. Wow. I put too much thought into this, bedtime.

SystemofaBlink41 27

Stop being such a McAsshole, man!

Don't talk to the smiling taco like that!

Huh, no wonder why they kept the "Dangerously Cheesy" commercials off air lately

BlackBlazeCobra 16

I would love to know the story behind this.

why did you even try to burn cheetos?

Clearly to cook them in a hair sandwich. They have to be well-done!