By hopeless - 18/03/2011 05:32 - United States

Today, I was talking to my dad and told him that I want to be a hotel maid, hoping that he would tell me "You can do better, you're smart, etc." Instead he said, "I'm glad you finally have a goal that you can actually achieve." FML
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this is what happens when you fish for compliments

FYLDeep 25

Why were you hoping for him to tell you that you are smart if you just said you wanted to be a hotel maid?... Smart people don't want to be hotel maids. Those two things are obviously at odds with each other.


your dad is tooo jokes :P

what does this mean? I can tell it usually doesn't matter what comes out of your mouth, but is this how people say things in Canada??

XxNinjaDaytonaxX 0

Wow 21. I'm Canadian and I find that offensive.

offensive yes but what does too jokes mean ? like to funny I'm assuming

okaiii, u dont kno me. What i meant was that her dad has a fkn sense of humor. chilll bro :/

that was directed towards 21 right ?

Jersayyyyshore 0

26 is dumb, hating on canadians.

hoodsie 0

Lolz, these replies are "tooo jokes"

ShadyFTW1 0

Haha sorry 28 but you made me laugh. YOU DONT KNOW ME OKAI???

rups 0

I think 26 was talking about OP and not about canadians...

21 Hahahahahahaha.

Milk comes in bags. Justin Bieber. Degrassi. Scott Pilgrim. Canada is 50% okay.

Im Canadian, and I have never seen milk in a bag.. Degrassi sucks, justin Bieber is an embarrasment, wtf is Scott Pilgrim?=S

I like milk in bags. I HATE beiber. The guy that wrote Scott Pilgrim went to my highschool. And we gave Three Days Grace so Canada is 98% Cheif.

Come on. There are more Canadian wannabe singers/bands than just Bieber. Some of them are actually good! Agreed, Bieber sends our rating plummeting. Where I live, we have milk in bags, but I've used the bottles before and prefer those. Less mess. Scott Pilgrim is god. That is all.

scott pilgrim rocks pretty hard, so if i was canadian, i'd be pretty damn proud of that. |the kid|

56 you are dumb

iloveboyswittats 10

Milk in bags?? I grew up in Canada and I've never seen that. As for OP, get some self confidence and quit seeking the approval of others.

dudeitsdanny 9

Nickelback. You fucking gave the world Nickelback. And Avril Lavigne's most recent piece of garbage. But you only get half taken off for her latest garbage, because she's hot ;P And I don't like Drake, so he doesn't make up for anything.

prince122 0

actually that is something we say in Canada and it's not offensive... I use that all the time but if your not from Canada then that makes no sense.

26, shut your fucking mouth before I come over there and shut it for you.

MyChemical_fml 0

Alexisonfire, Marianas Trench, Three Days Grace >:l I'm sure there's more if you google it... And don't just blame us for embarrassing artists. If you're American, you have a lot of famous assholes there too :).

FYLDeep 25

You guys must have forgotten that Canada gave the world Rush... So they are allowed to release as many shitty bands as they like. The Agonist is pretty fucking good too. Most people don't know who they are though.

75 - Indeed. Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera... Lady Gaga I believe... do people kno im canadian.

Are you being too joke?

It's on your profile, idiot.

Thabb 0


there really isn't anything to say to that question other than "please just either leave, or shut the hell up."

Why did you say this then?

She was fishing for compliments. I hate it when people do that.

Why did you say this then?

why would you even say that?

Dweron 0

for the Attention :P

Don't bitches know not to fish for compliments? The only thing you're going to get is the fucking truth.

why would you even NAME YOURSELF that?

FMLshark 12

Fishing for compliments.

this is what happens when you fish for compliments

cldean24 4

You took the words out of my mouth.

he probably knew you weren't serious anyway.

you can start training for your new career now. my bedspread and mattress cover need to be washed, but my apartment sized stacked washer/drier is too small to fit them. you will have to go to the coin laundry. I'll give you quarters.

Don't forget to pay her for the "sucky sucky". Because they're basically the same jobs, right?

Ha! you'll give her quarters, which is how much she'll be making when she achieves her goal.

FYLDeep 25

Why were you hoping for him to tell you that you are smart if you just said you wanted to be a hotel maid?... Smart people don't want to be hotel maids. Those two things are obviously at odds with each other.

musicgirl7 0

very true!! It would be a true FML if you said you wanted to be a Doctor, Lawyer..have another professional career or at least go to an Ivy League school and his response was negative? like: "you're too stupid" or something.

Fishing for motivation. YDI.

RandOmPhyXiO 5

i h8 wen ppl do that

laurbear12 3

11-your picture is darling!!

110 beautiful kittens aswell :D