By GillyPirate - United States
Today, I received a call offering me a job with the census bureau. I applied for this job 6 months ago while I was still fighting tooth and nail to stay where I was. Since I didn't get the job, I was evicted from my apartment, got on public assistance, and moved from North Carolina to Florida with my mother. FML
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  Caayouteepie  |  0

Thats not as easy as it sounds. I mean hed need to start working first and if he didnt have money to stay in the first place, I doubt he can afford to go back now.

  duales  |  0

if he really wanted it he could do it. Im 3000 in debt for moving and taking the job i wanted. it sucks, im struggling, but i know i love my job and i will eventually rebound.

  perdix  |  29

Kudos to you for a correct pluralization of son-of-a-bitch!

Someone asked me this interesting question: how do we know it's sons-of-bitches (multiple sons of multiple bitches) and not sons-of-a-bitch (multiple sons of a single bitch)?

  AmaSoma  |  0

Haha, thanks.

And I guess that answer does hinge on whether there are multiple rather than singular bitches. I defer to the former if I can't attach a name to the epithet.

By  Dcvictorious  |  0

What's going on, where are the real fucked lives!!!! You're still going aren't you FFS! How about you stop whining and go back, pretty sure you could afford to now. Jesus...

  Dcvictorious  |  0

She's had 6 months! Living with her mother, pretty sure she'd have money, have some common sense, I think you should try thinking with your one braincell dipshit.

  renaet  |  0

I suspect you're about 14 or 15 and have yet to work. GTFO until you get a real job, your own living arrangements and then let us know if you find it easy to move from place to place without paychecks.

  Dcvictorious  |  0

Nah I work already thanks. I live in England where you pay monthly, I've already explained twice but my comments have been taken down- She's had six months, she has money, she has a job, pretty sure she can move back, end of story. You can "suspect" I'm 14 or 15 and have yet to work but I'm afraid you'd be wrong, only in America aye?

  Dcvictorious  |  0

LOL! I'm afraid that I'm not taking any BS from some 17yr old, You think you can talk about Jobs and living arangements- Unless you're actually some 40 yr old internet perv- probs why you'd like to assume I'm 14.

  Bumlove89  |  0

Having 6 months does not mean that the OP has money. It is highly possible that she's still unemployed which would explain why she is living with her mother. And as #4 has stated, how is she suppose to move back if she has no money?

  Dcvictorious  |  0

1. I don't know or care how the American systemon housing works. But in England, if I were to get a job I could move to an apartment or something and pay monthly therefore ending the whole paycheck problem.
2. I would assume she does have a job but if not- 2 options- loan from mother, loan from bank to tide her over whilst she sorts it out.
I really don't see why you people make out like there is never a way, it's not hard if you think about it.


1. I don't know or care how the American systemon housing works

exactly. so maybe you should stop talking trash about a situation you don't actually know everything about. you don't even live in america so stop acting like you know everything.

oh, and learn to spell

  Dcvictorious  |  0

It's called typos not knowing how to spell. I have an A Level in English so yeah, p.s STFU.
"stop talking trash about a situation you don't actually know everything about. you don't even live in america so stop acting like you know everything."
Trash? I posted a comment and I got called out, now you're trying to gang up on me and yet you know I'm talking sense so you have no arguement.
Oh and yeah-your grasp of Grammar is obviously far superior to mine, "don't actually know everything about"
Learn to stop being an arrogant ass.

  DameGreyWulf  |  0

The getting a loan thing usually bites you in the ass and/or takes forever to pay back, or too long in which case you get evicted like the OP did, leaving the banks out a bunch of money, which is kind of why the economy is shit at the moment.

  spiderman0606  |  0

Most banks wouldnt even accept her loan request in this situation. Basically, first you have to prove you don't actually need the loan before you are granted that loan. If not, you need a co-signer, and maybe she doesn't even have someone who can do that for her. Her next probable option would be a credit card, and get interest so far up her ass, she'd be fucked for life. (Not like her life isn't already fucked up as it is.)

By  perdix  |  29

You should get your damn $200 portfolio back from them and head out to your local Best Buy. Do not include your Nobel Prize in Physics on your resume and lie freely and outrageously on the psych evaluation.

And lock up your Nyquil and Jaegermeister the day before your interview.

By  Emmeleia  |  8

oi Dcvictorious it doesnt state op managed to get another job not likes it easy maybe if it was they wouldnt have had to move -.- therefore op probably still doesnt have any money to move back not unless you are gonna offer seeing as your so high and mighty about having a job?

  Dcvictorious  |  0

High and mighty,I got called out so I corrected, I didn't go,"Hey OP guess what I have a job, har de har fucking har" It doesn't need to state it, it's common sense, the FML isn't as much of a FML if she says she has another job now is it?

  Starfire22  |  5

Sorry dude your dealing with us Americans, one tiny mistake and they'll jump all over you! but no worries don't take it personally some of us understand where your coming from

By  theblueone4  |  0

that's the government there for you...

i'm sorry. well, if you still want the job--i'm sure you can work something out hopefully.
if not, screw them. you'll find other opportunities.