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Dumbass idea

Today, my mother tried to tell me that nicotine is the only substance that ensures weight loss, and that nicotine has been passed down in our family for over 5 generations of heavy smoking relatives. Then she encouraged me to start smoking. FML
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it's not stupid. shes just concerned about OP weight. I assume that the mother did not say that you need to start smoking to OP if she was skinny. being obese is not healthy either.

  Monii_Harlz  |  11

smoking is a personal choice and I think it's wrong to judge someone by smoking! it's like judging a book by it's cover - you may not like what you see but they could be one of the most amazing people you will ever meet! yes smoking is bad for you but then again so is Fast Foods, Alcohol, Chocolate etc.

  rallets  |  22

nicotine cant be the only substance that makes you lose weight, have you ever seen meth or crack addicts?
THATLL lose some weight :/

dammit #52, thats all the fun things >:(

  marmlr339  |  14

what a fast conclusion she jumped to! btw, nicotine just suppresses your appetite. A real drug to lose weight it speed, crystal meth or coke. But more easily, caffeine. Any stimulant will help weight loss.


or people could start taking apple cider vinegar pills Which act as an appetite suppressant and metabolism stimulant
and a very mild diuretic

plus they're good for tons of other stuff as well

  a_nutritionist  |  10

@52 naw smoking is a personal choice? yeah, a personal choice that affects everyone around the smoker - effectively removing their choice. one of the most amazing people wouldnt be so reckless, careless and thoughtless of the effect of their choices on other people. by the way, fast food, alcohol and chocolate arent bad for you in the same context as smoking. every cigarette will harm you, whereas each of the things you listed can be maintained as part of a balanced diet. use a little common sense would you?

  fthku  |  13

#52, that "personal" choice people are making is polluting the air, affecting oh I don't know.. Earth? and the people in it. You won't always be able to stay away from smokerstell them to stay away from you, and every second you breathe smoke from that "personal choice" of theirs, it affects YOUR health.
I'd do fine without their "personal choice" polluting my air and guaranteeing by almost a 100% chance that I'm already less healthy than I could be if smoking didn't exist.

  jibz  |  6

Fuck all you guys. Yeah smoking is bad for your health and contains hundreds of carcinogenic chemicals, but really, what te fuck doesn't give us cancer nowadays. Every motherfucker driving a car is polluting the air. are they bad people. Smoking is an addiction, and at least 80 percent of smokers wish they could quit, fuck I wish I could. Stop being self absorbed thoughtless motherfuckers by judging people because they smoke. there's people out there who do hell of a lot worse.

  dolphincheddar  |  10

smoke if u wanna smoke if u don't want to don't bitch at other people for doing it. everyne has diff opinions on it keep yours to urself instead of nerdraging on the Internet.

  fthku  |  13

What kind of an excuse is that? "what doesn't give cancer"?
That's like saying it's OK for someone to cut my arm off because it can also happen in a work accident.
For most of the population in the world, they cannot function without using a car- going to work, going to a hospital, going ANYWHERE. It's a shame they're polluting right now, but with advancements in technology, maybe one day they'll stop polluting. That's not the point though, no one's talking about cars.
Every person that smokes in a non-smoking area or anything of the sort is an asshole in my book. Why should I breathe that stuff? like you said, the world's already full of pollution, so why should any of us breathe more of that stuff because of smokers' addiction?

As a side note, if you really wanna quit, the only way that I know to stop smoking is just deciding to do so; that's how I did it, my dad, pretty much everyone I know who stopped smoking. If scaring would help you read some articles on what it can do to you down the line.

  imacreeper  |  3

did you all miss the weight loss part? OPs mother is encouraging OP to do it because nicotine can ensure weight loss, therefore saying OP needs to loose some weight.

  GalaxyShots  |  21

Because it's extremely unhealthy, can cause lung cancer, can prevent anyone from being fit due to retracted breathing problems and is bad for kids if you're smoking around them. Some people are even allergic to the cigarette smoke and can possibly die if it's severe. Smoking is an extremely bad thing, that's why people are so 'uptight' about it.

  Moota  |  9

She's only looking after you with what she thinks is right! ...It may not be the best thing, but she's trying!

OP don't smoke if you don't want to!


97 that was the most moronic comment I have ever seen. Why in the world should a mothers judgement on smoking be that her daughter Should indeed start to smoke. Any mother that crazy should get help. So that was stupid to say 'she's only saying what she thinks is right' a mother should never be wrong with these types of things.

  fmlsaves  |  0

167, I rather enjoyed 97's ability to make light of the situation. she said something interesting and out of the norm unlike your pointless and hateful comment.

As your elementary teachers should have told you, "if you can't say anything nice, then stfu." please and thank you

By  ColorfulDonut  |  7

Time to get a new mother, one that's really clever and can actually tell you the correct stuff.

P.S the stuff about eating glass is good for your stomach, yeah she was wrong about that too.