But mah grandbabiiiiies

By Anonymous - 01/07/2022 02:00

Today, according to my mom, she didn’t make the selfless decision to have me just for me to grow up and make the completely selfish decision not to marry my long term partner, nor to give her any grandkids. FML
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It's not selfless if you expected something in return.

Abbusser 12

Ask her if she had you to please her own mother...


Either give her some grandkids or pay her the $1,000,000 or so that it cost her to raise your selfish, disappointing ass.

I assume you're joking based on the fact you rarely make serious comments. However, there are sufficiently many stupid people who think kids basically owe their whole lives to their parents and should be utterly miserable just to please them. You probably chose to have your kids, therefore they owe you zilch. If you didn't choose to have them, as is likely to be the case of millions of women in the US now, then you shouldn't force your kids to go through the same ordeal you did. Also, few families spend 1,000,000$ on their children. Over the course of 20 years that'd amount to 50k/year. If you had that kind of money to spend on each of your children, stop bitching and pay your taxes.

You don't owe your parents anything other than gratitude. It's selfish for her to pressure you. It's emotional blackmail.

It's not selfless if you expected something in return.

Abbusser 12

Ask her if she had you to please her own mother...

If your birth came with the stipulation that you have your own children/give her grandchildren it was in fact not "selfless".

Geesh, that's why you should always have a backup child. Giving 1 person the power to end your family line is crazy.

well let's see....I am the youngest of 2 kids, my sister married and has 2 kids. I am divorced and have none. my family line will end with me, guess what.....it doesn't matter

If your sister has kids, your family line did not end. Are you FML because you don't have kids?

Marriage is a state of mind. A building a life together. You don't need the nosy ass government's permission to build any kind of life you want. Some people can't accept that it's perfectly ok to not want kids, or want them later. This is a horrible world to bring kids into. If you really wanna piss her off, tell her she's the reason you don't want children.