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  jamaicanme  |  3

The other question is...why she would keep that same toothbrush next to the one she uses manually?! Or why is it in the bathroom in the first place and not her nightstand? *Shudders*

  SThompson90  |  7

That and no one wants to think that their mom masturbates or ever have but they do. So yes FML fans, all your moms masturbate... your dads too. Have fun with that

By  Madridsta1999  |  7

How about you get both of them, duct tape then together, and offer it to her as a gift.
Just tell her its for practice for later on.

  x_the_lancer_x  |  13

Hmmm. I smell a sixth grade age person attempting to fit in although they have no idea what they are talking about. Those are just my thoughts on this. I should probably get going about now before "someone" rages... "I'm nawt 11!! :("

  Epikouros  |  31

Most sex toys have less power than an electric toothbrush. Except the magic wand type, but those weren't designed as sex toys either. There are special attachments available that are easier on a clit than brushes. Remember that for Mother's Day!

  tanekdrachonae  |  19

32, in the hopes of her removing the toothbrush, after receiving an actual toy I assume.
13, I worked for an adult shop for a pretty long time. You'd be surprised what you learn.

  valalvax  |  13

Geez, the one we got is almost too much vibration in fact to me it is, damn thing vibrates so hard I can only use it on her a little bit before I have to take a break because my hand hurts from the vibration..

By  Voij  |  16

I actually own 2 aswell... originally got an electric one, then bought a manual one for when I'm on a trip/on vacation.
Now I just use the manual one because the electric one is annoyingly noisy and I'm too lazy to buy a quieter one.

  XxXCrissyXxX  |  12

I don't see why one would assume the mom uses it for that, i mean toothbrushes are good for cleaning jewelery, or for small spaces where dirt can get stuck. I thought the answer was pretty normal and more innocent.

  Ali_Br_fml  |  33

Oh darn, does that mean I should get rid of my second electric tooth brush?
I use the old one when I'm sick, and the other when I'm not so I don't pass on the bug to myself later. (I do clean it before and after each use, but just out of laziness, I use two instead of replacing the toothbrush heads) Ugh, that explains my cousin's comment...He can be blunt sometimes.

  iiMichy  |  19

But you can't get the same virus twice.. your body becomes immune to that virus once it gets rid of it. So you wouldn't get sick from your own toothbrush..