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  Today, an attractive guy told me he wanted to get to know me and see me again. When I told my boyfriend, in hopes of stirring up some jealousy, he said "he'll regret it when he finds out what you're like in bed, trust me." FML
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that wasn't very uncalled for because A he's porbably kidding and B she should have just told the other dude she had a bf so none of this would have happened!!!

  yuggi1  |  11

Wait it! OP is not a lost soul yet. In my defense to her I'll say that at least she didn't pick the new guy over her boyfriend right away. So maybe OP is.... impulsive, it doesn't mean she's a bad girlfriend.
In fact, I think that as long as she did nothing with the new guy she is fine.

  godofcyanide  |  8

It doesn't seem that she was even intending to see the other guy - for all we know, she turned him down. While OP clearly was asking for trouble, her BF's response was brutal. Even if he's kidding, there is always truth in a joke. That's just not something I'd say (even in jest) unless I was looking to get out of an unsatisfying relationship. What does a man expect to gain by that kind of a comment? Why didn't OP's man be a man and talk this out with her way before it came to this?

tl;dr: OP's plan backfired, FHL, but, when you play with fire, you may get more burned than you bargained for.


89, I for one think that if a woman will go as far as to tell her man that another man wants her... just to see if her man would be jealous, is quite petty and childish.

That's basically saying "Hey, this dude wants me, u mad bro?".

I think he did the right thing. Even if he was kidding, her own actions got her feelings hurt. So she's upset because he hurt her. How'd you feel if your girlfriend said that kind of thing to you? No matter how much you trust a person you gotta wonder why they'd even say such a thing. It's quite hurtful.

In some cases it can be a good thing. Knowing how attractive your woman is based on their attention is kind of a morale booster... but to make such a dick move as the OP did, she deserves the response given.

By  ScreamAimFire  |  0

Maybe you're really good in bed and you'd destroy your boyfriends piece? Lol who am i kidding, take 40 year old virgins advice and run through some hood rats and get good at it before you sleep with someone you care about xD

By  Jimboom  |  11

YDI for trying to play little games with your partner to make yourself feel better.

You played a game, it backfired and instead of a pick me up you got put down. I believe Nelson Muntz coined the phrase that would apply here.

  yuggi1  |  11

What if the boyfriend's comment was guarded? Maybe he did felt jealous, only he didn't want her to feel victorious. Guys don't like to show their weaknesses, you know.
I doubt OP is a bad person for trying to stir an emotion inside her partner. Maybe she was feeling like he didn't pay enough attention to her.


#65: If she felt that way, she should have discussed that with her boyfriend. Playing games to make your significant other feel bad is incredibly hurtful and disrespectful. You have a lot to learn if you think this sort of behavior is acceptable. And you should know better than to make generalizations about how men act, you can't label every man as the type to keep their weaknesses to themselves, there are men out there who are very open about that sort of thing. You should grow up a little.