By fishfloors - 21/04/2017 14:00

Today, I finally broke down and paid someone to clean my condo. Sometime after she finished, my cat threw up. Then my roomba went off, smearing regurgitated mackerel all over the freshly washed floors. There goes $150. FML
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A mop costs $10

awildwhisper 30

At least it's not carpet.


Is this a robot version of a Darwin Award? Maybe we'll call it a Turing Award?

awildwhisper 30

At least it's not carpet.

A mop costs $10

True, but mastering that technology takes years of training and practice.

In German, you could say "Das ist zum kotzen!" which literally means that the situation sucks that mich you want to throw up... just saying, but this could be you right now!

Is your cat okay? Yeah and get a mop, shot happens or puke literally

species4872 19

John West mackerel, the best in home decoration.

This is probably why I will never get a roombaa

because it's so hard to clean, vacuum and mop, yourself?

tess_the_dreamer 3

there is a really funny rooms story about going through dog poop....

You didn't lose the whole $150. Mopping the floors was the only job that had to be redone.