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Today, I was small talking with an elderly man, who told me that nobody cares about him. Even though I had only known him for an hour, to try and make him feel a little better I told him I care about him. He then called me a creep, stomped his cane onto my foot, and walked off. FML
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I can imagine you living up to your new creepy name by shouting, "BUT WHAT ABOUT EVERYTHING WE HAD?!" after him as he stomped off.


Old people, you never can't please them. Shame he'll die alone because of his behaviour.

If he complains about no one caring about him, and someone actually is nice for once, and he responds like this? That's just absurd. I've seen it before,old people who turn bitter because they are lonely. When they finally find a conversationpartner they are rude and grumpy, and even surprised no one ever visits them anymore.

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Hes probably schizophrenic or has dimensia or has lost a loved one maybe.

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You would be grumpy too if you were treated like a lot of elderly people are. Most are put into a home by their families. Little to no visits. Not allowed to do anything on their own. Depressed. You go through that and tell me how happy you would act.

It still doesn't excuse being rude to someone who's trying to be nice

You can't just assume anyone who is bitter is in the worst possible condition. Some people are just jerks.

of course it's no excuse to act so inappropriately, but that doesn't necessarily mean he deserves to die alone. no one deserves that.

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You never can't please them? That's a double negative!

I can imagine you living up to your new creepy name by shouting, "BUT WHAT ABOUT EVERYTHING WE HAD?!" after him as he stomped off.

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Sounds like a realist to me.

Small wonder why no one cares about him with social skills like that

Serves you right for being nice to strangers!

So you're saying that nobody should have friends? Everyone's a stranger until you get to know them. Mugging them is hardly a way to make friends, chatting and being nice is usually preferred.

Yes. that's exactly what i'm saying.

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Pretty sure it was a joke, 38. I know, a joke on a comedy site is so unheard of, right?

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Why would you tell someone you just met you care about them just to make them feel better? He should've beat you down with the cane whilst screaming "Creepy stalker!", YDI.

7- the ****?! What if the Op is nice to all people he/she knows?! You know... Kind person?

29- don't be silly, those don't exist anymore... They're extinct, like dinosaurs, mammoths and common sense, as shown in 7's comment!

Sounds like his old mind was playing tricks on him and he forgot he was lonely.

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Probably sounded too patronising OP, don't worry just be another one of those who don't care about him.

Don't lie just "to be nice". Since you two are random strangers that just met, you don't really care about him. He knew that.

I dont know if it's just me, but even if I just met someone, i care about them. Maybe my boyfriend's right and I'm just too kind to people.

28, me too. I care about everyone. That's different from saying "I love you" to strangers. But why do people save random people every once in a while? Why do people volunteer at places or donate money or buy homeless people food or smile at strangers or get sad over the misfortune of those they have never met? Because they care.

47, "Because they care.". "Good" things can be done due to selfish or malicious reason. For example: "But why do people save random people every once in a while?" 1. "duty to rescue" 2. To massage their ego and feel "better" than everybody else. 3. To maintain impression of a "good" person 4. Because they're religious and are afraid of hell. 5. Because dealing with aftermatch if person won't be saved will be much more bothersome (police questioning, corpse removal, etc).

28- I think your boyfriend is right. In fact, I don't understand how you could possibly care about some random person you've just met. Perhaps that's just me. I always suspect that most people who say good things about random people, or act as if they even slightly matter to them, are lying, or at best doing it out of politeness. If they do, in fact, sincerely believe what they say, then they are incredibly naive.

Well that's why I'm studying to get into medical school. I want to be a doctor because I care about the well-being of those that I don't even know.

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I can see why he is alone and no one cares about him.