By SK8WITME - 12/02/2016 18:22 - India

Today, a short guy asked me how the world looked "up there", as I'm really tall. I decided to lift him up so he could see for himself. I failed both times I tried, to the great amusement of everyone watching. FML
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deathstroke990 22

as a tall person whose been asked that many times, I can honestly say that I've never thought about lifting them up to be my height kudos

Montiphelia 16

Do you even leviosa bruh?


deathstroke990 22

as a tall person whose been asked that many times, I can honestly say that I've never thought about lifting them up to be my height kudos

koganti 18

me too

I just don't understand why you would. Comes off as a bit of a douchey brag.

Lmao how is that a douchey brag, they're just lifting them up to give them the same perspective.

No douchier than the person asking about the weather a foot up.

So annoying when people use these cheesy "jokes" over and over again. Sucks that it turned into an embarrassing situation for you, OP!

I'm also tired of those jokes, but for me, they're short jokes since I'm a legal midget , standing at 4;foot 8.5 inches. :/

I'm with you! I'm 4'8" myself.

A midget has a condition causing short height and short limbs. I'm 4'9" and a half and some moron in school tried calling me one. There are no midgets or dwarves in my family. Just short normal proportioned parents and me being nearly two months early apparently made it so I didn't reach either of my parents' height. Not my fault, and again, was not diagnosed with midget-ism or dwarfism. The legal midget definition is a thing and society's view in what is a normal or average height is horribly archaic. Us being short is normal for us. Don't let anyone call you anything you're not.

I meant the legal definition is NOT a thing that exists. Editing on mobile is tricky.

I am 5'2 and would take the jokes over the number of people who lean on me or use my shoulder (or head) as an arm rest any day.

Do you even lift, bro?

Looks like he tried and failed.

Nightingale1429 15

Dost thou even hoist?

does thou even hoist, male sibling?

At least you tried? Perhaps take up some exercising so that you can actually lift the next person to approach you with that question.

Montiphelia 16

Do you even leviosa bruh?

Thank you, I needed this.

It's Levios-uuuuh!

No but he tried to Avada-Kedavra himself.

This went over my head.

This made my day!!

When people make comments like that, they are usually really jealous. You gotta give short guys some credit though, they live in a world that hates their existence.

You sound like a butthurt child. Clearly the OP didn't mind the comment and was going to help him see a different perspective out of good nature. The OP is more mature than you. Maybe it was a joke or a genuine curious question. You think short people don't get jokes or comments?

^ ....what?

lmao I'm tall and trust me, I feel ya

Time to hit the gym.

Why would you even try to lift the guy up? Not something I would do though ? ?

That must have been awkward when you were lifting them up like a baby. YDI though, I can say id go bat shit if someone did that to me haha