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  Ayasha_fml  |  12

A midget has a condition causing short height and short limbs. I'm 4'9" and a half and some moron in school tried calling me one. There are no midgets or dwarves in my family. Just short normal proportioned parents and me being nearly two months early apparently made it so I didn't reach either of my parents' height. Not my fault, and again, was not diagnosed with midget-ism or dwarfism. The legal midget definition is a thing and society's view in what is a normal or average height is horribly archaic. Us being short is normal for us. Don't let anyone call you anything you're not.

By  Dawnoftime  |  12

When people make comments like that, they are usually really jealous. You gotta give short guys some credit though, they live in a world that hates their existence.

  Ayasha_fml  |  12

You sound like a butthurt child. Clearly the OP didn't mind the comment and was going to help him see a different perspective out of good nature. The OP is more mature than you. Maybe it was a joke or a genuine curious question. You think short people don't get jokes or comments?

By  ShyGui  |  13

That must have been awkward when you were lifting them up like a baby. YDI though, I can say id go bat shit if someone did that to me haha