By Anonymous - 30/10/2020 08:08

Thanks, Marley

Today, I made sure my puppy went number 1 and 2 before taking them into a pet-friendly store. In the store, two ladies awed at my puppy, but as I picked him up I didn't notice he'd shat on the floor until they pointed it out, giving me a dirty look. Other customers glared as I picked up his smeared shit. FML
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By  Yummi_913  |  15

I used to work at a pet friendly store where pets would shit and pee on the floor constantly and we had waste stations everywhere specifically for this. We never had an issue with it UNLESS the owner just left it there or expected employees to clean it up for them. 85% of customers were snotty enough to do just that and it was infuriating. They deserve all the death glares. Though you don't sound like you were trying to avoid cleaning up after your pet so it's pretty uncalled for for them to have treated you that way.

By  Ellimac21  |  11

I have no idea why people gave you dirty looks... Because I mean, at least you picked it up. I am curious to know if those people would be like that if they saw someone not picking their dog's poop while taking a walk outside... Anyway, thank you for cleaning after your dog :) Like honestly, the world needs more people like you