By Nicky13Na - 12/09/2017 23:15

Today, I hit the six-year mark for daily vomiting. All the doctor can say is that it's psychological. FML
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You write Doctor as singular. Have you only sought the opinion of one? Always keep looking until you find out the reason why. You'll continuously suffer this until you do!

Seriously. I would have checked with multiple GPs and insisted on referrals to gastroenterologists, hematologists, and at least one ENT (to take care of the damage that has GOT to be doing to OPs esophagus)

I hope you read this. I suffer from the same thing. It's actually called Cyclical Vomiting Syndrome (CVS). It can be triggered by stress, excitement, lack of sleep.. everyone's triggers are different. It's very rare and most doctors don't even think of it as a diagnosis. It's in the top 10 most rare diseases. I was diagnosed after suffering for 2 months and hospitalized. I had a gastro consultation and he diagnosed it. Do research and bring it the next time you see a doctor or see if there is one who deals with CVS patients. It's rare in North America, but they actually have CVS clinics in the U.K. They are doing much more research in the U.K. Then they are here, which kinda sucks. I hope this helps you!

Well it definitely does help me! I've always just been told I had severe anxiety that causes it in me, but nothing I've ever once been given or told to do for anxiety has even helped in the slightest bit.

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have you been given a barium swallow test to check that your throat muscles are working?

You ought to celebrate that milestone by going out to a nice dinner. Just make sure you go after the daily “thing.”

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hey I know how u feel op I've been doing it for 16 years sounds like u need an enscopy to see what's going on I've also had an colonoscopy an found that I have a few issues to deal with good luck hope u feel better... I also cut down to one meal a day an also check how much sleep u get that can hurt or help as well

You might want to see another doctor about this, maybe a gastroenterologist. It could also be a food intolerance that doesn't manifest as an allergy but as vomiting. (When I was a kid, I threw up when I ate citrus, but eventually grew out of it.)

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Try changing one daily routine a week to see if it's anything you're doing that is inducing the vomit.