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OP Here: Hello, let me answer some questions I am seeing and straighten things up a bit. 1. I don't work here, I was a customer, therefore, it was not my manager, just the store's manager. 2. The elderly lady had not seen me walk up to her, I was unable to explain anything before I was being beaten with a purse and called a thief. So, I guess she saw me at the corner of her eye holding a $20 before any words came out of my mouth. I may just simply be giving her excuses, but I honestly think that's what happened. 3. The solution was that she was escorted out immediately, but she did get her $20 back. 4. Will she ever know the real story? I don't know, and frankly I don't care. 5. Don't worry, I still have good intentions, she didn't mess anything up!
By LittleGina - / Thursday 7 January 2016 17:42 / United States - Asheboro
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Karma is the cosmic force that is believed to weigh one's soul after death to determine which form it will take next. Every bit of comeuppance and reward isn't Karma for the same reason every shower you take isn't a baptizing.

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