By anonymous - United States - Morristown
Today, I discovered that in the three days I left my 18-year-old son in charge, my dog had gotten pregnant. When I confronted my son about it, he stated, "I don't want the reputation of being a cock-blocker." FML
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  rapunzel1012  |  11

OP could have been planning to breed the dog later, but not this heat. If the dog is too young this could be very bad for both the mother and the puppies and could lead to birth defects and could even possibly kill all of them. Or they could have just gotten the dog from who knows where while it was in heat. You can't fix it while it's in heat so you just have to wait it out. There's lots of reasons why a dog could not be fixed.

  savstrelley  |  1

If you knew anything about dogs they can be spayed at 5-6 months before they even go into their first heat. So it's literally impossible for a dog to be "too young for the surgery, but old enough to get pregnant"

By  PennyLane27  |  32

Was he supposed to physically stop two dogs getting busy? Why wasn't she spayed? Was the unneutered dog yours, too? Bob Barker would be terribly disappointed at this situation.

  rapunzel1012  |  11

My family has bred dogs for 20 years and it's pretty easy to make sure an unspayed female doesn't get pregnant. Just keep her separated from the male, you have different rooms in a house for a reason. If she goes outside make sure to keep an eye on her so no neighborhood strays come along. That's it. It's not that hard. Sure they'll try to get to each other but as long as you keep a door in between them you're good. And from what it sounds like, OPs son didn't even try

By  Catdragon  |  40

If you didn't want her having babies, then you should have had her spayed. The only one you can blame for that is yourself. I hope you will at least fix the puppies and find them good homes.

By  DelugeandDrought  |  7

Your son obviously understands the ramifications of taking care of living things and the responsibilities that come with being an adult. This one decision proves he has made the transition from child to adult. Congratulations!

In all seriousness, this could have been avoided if you had gotten your dog fixed, but that really does not excuse his idiocy.

I hope you find those puppies great homes with people who will not be afraid of their reputation as cock blockers in the dog community.

By  SuckShitDie  |  10

Wow, spay your dog, don't blame your son for this! It's like having a ticking time bomb and blaming him for it going off while you were gone...seriously you can get them spayed for less than $70!

  CrassKal  |  27

Or potentially free. I got my two cats fixed for nothing from a service called Pet Care-a-van. Admittedly it's first come first serve, and there are limited admittance, but all it requires is waking up a little early.

  DoomedGemini  |  37

While op should've gotten the dog spayed, don't try to take away the sons guilt. He played an active(or I guess inactive considering he didn't do anything to stop it) part. There could be reasons the dog isn't spayed yet, the son obviously knew she wasn't and allowed a dog to get to her.

  Nephyl_fml  |  2

Good luck with that! Where i live they want the following to "adopt" (with $100 charge)
3 bedroom house
Fenced acre of land
Someone with the animal at least 18 hours a day
If married,or roommate,a combined household income of over $120,000
They would prefer a Doctorate degree too

Gee, I wonder why they are a high kill shelter.

  Cenobyte  |  10

Would you prefer the shelter gave the dog to just anyone without checking up? Why does this bother you? You planning on starting a dog-fighting ring or something?

  Bibliovore  |  26

#85/89: Wow; that sucks. I've never heard of a shelter having rules like that. Are yours privately run or a city/county operation? Either way, maybe start a petition and/or get your local paper to write stories about the situation?

#95: Checking up is one thing. Entering someone's home with no notice at any time is another.

Our local shelter requires you to do some paperwork including a pet-care questionnaire, talk with a shelter person about that and any concerns, and come back at least a day after you select your pet for the actual adoption. If you rent/lease they require written or verbal approval from your landlord, and for larger dogs they recommend but don't require a secure, fenced yard. Their only post-adoption requirement is that you take your new pet(s) to a vet within one week of adoption -- and they have first-visit-free arrangements with some local vets. Basically, they're trying to ensure animals go to committed, care-aware, pets-welcome homes, without applying unnecessary or invasive adoption rules.