By tdawgg - 06/09/2013 14:12 - Canada - Calgary

Today, while working at Home Depot, I was asked to cut some wire. When I asked her how much, she said, "From my computer to the wall". After explaining for a while that I didn't know how far that is, she left. FML
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tdawgg tells us more.

We sell electrical wire by the foot, she may have a more handy family member at home that need it, but she did come back an hour later and got 50 feet... I think her computers in the middle of her backyard. :P. sad thing is, we deal with these kinds of requests ever day... Retail sucks!!

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Idiots are multiplying faster than Justin Bieber fans

helpfulwhale 12

Working in retail is one of the fastest ways to lose faith in society.


I just hope you didnt catch her stupid, op.

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I hate catching stupid. It confuses for weeks.

CallMeMcFeelii 13

No, 59, that will probably cause even more brain damage. You just need to wait them out, hopefully with time and effort they'll come out of their stupor. Stupidity is like a coma, some people are in and out in a flash, while others are stuck in there for years and years.

SwaggCapone 11

Stupid people...........stupid people everywhere

Hopefully she went home to measure it...although I highly doubt it...

#91: ...and they don't even know that they're stupid!

Idiots are multiplying faster than Justin Bieber fans

I sure hope the majority of Justin Beiber fans aren't "multiplying!"

Your comment just scared the living daylights out of me.

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Don't say things like that. It's scary to think about.

the Justin Beiber fans are voting everyone's comments on this post down lol

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I though these both are exactly the same

All Justin bieber fans are idiots, but not all idiots are Justin bieber fans

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Wait... I thought his fans were decreasing since he spit on them...

You couldn't just give her 10 feet of wire?

Then she would have come back and complained about being sold more than she needed.

evan_7899 28

Or less, op's customer may have had a desk beside the outlet and would've complained she had excess wire or in stupid people terms as she would've used, "you, uuuuum gave me uuuuum to much stringy stuff"

I work as a cashier, and I get customers like this all the time.

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Humanity has entered the Age of Ignorance. So much intelligence is so readily available that we end up seeking very little of it, modeled by negative feedback.

you should've measured from the customer service computer to the back wall of the building just to be safe

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Computer to the wall huh? Must be one of those weird American measurements

I dunno what weird measurements you're talking about. I always measure with grains of sand. Sure it takes a few hours to measure something, but it's accurate.

Way to make fun of us for using feet and inches! You're so clever.

Well, considering that OP is from Canada and I believe they have used metric since the 80's.. Must be about the span of moose antlers if we're going to be ignorant about it.

Life_is_FML 22

I was talking about how OP is Canadian and they use metric. Way to not get the joke

79 - The joke was plenty funny. I laughed. I don't know why this is being down voted so much.

"weird american measurements" is stardard, right? When I use metric, It always feels like I am taking the easy way out. And you should give the people who use standard daily some credit. Not only do we know how many feet are in a mile (note: it is not 1000) but we can convert to metric for those people who dont. That takes a little more skill than being metric like the rest of the world.

That is 25 feet. I would have just gave her 100 feet of wire.

The universal mathematical distance formula for "from computer to wall" is whatever length one cuts, +2 inches.

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Give her a foot of wire. "Yep, that should do it, ma'am!"

"To the computer, to the wall" (Lil john voice)

you d a lil john didnt even sing that song.

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Lil Jon definitely sang the line to the window the wall u sir are retarded

I hella sang that in lil Johns voice "Yeahhhh"!

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You should have sold her 250 feet or so. Tell her the excess loops form a Tesla coil that protects her from viruses and cosmic rays.

Bad idea. She just might be stupid enough to accidentally make Tesla's death ray.

How unprofessional of you, OP. Why didn't you just use your psychic computer geek powers to find out how far away her computer is from the wall? No wonder she simply left. Actually, you're lucky she didn't report you to management for meeting so incompetent and lazy.