By icegirl38 - 03/03/2010 15:09 - Iceland

Today, my throat is really swollen so I can only drink liquid. I noticed home-made ice-lollies in the freezer and had one. It tasted funny. Turns out my little brother had peed in one of those ice-lolly box and put it in the freezer. FML
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icegirl38 tells us more.

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Snick, i'm sorry my grammar isn't perfect but I live in Iceland so i'm not used to the language. And yeah, I couldn't smell it because I have a cold! :(

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slip one in his mt dew

"That's not lemonade," moment.


HAHAHAHHAHA, little brother FTW

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sounds yummy.(: lol jussttt kidddiiinnngggg

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best fml of the day

OP did you really think someone would just make you ice-lolys? you nub think twice fool

@novakman - would you really think your sibling would make pee-lollies? I'm sorry, but out of the two possibilities I'd think random pee-lollies are less likely than random ice-lollies, or at least in most houses.

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kill him!

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Did your brother just finish watching Monster's Inc?

How unfortunate that you couldn't drink solids.

I too feel the OPs pain. For my entire life I have only been able to drink liquid. No matter how hard I try to quench my thirst with gasses and solids, I simply can't do it.

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u can't not DRINK liquid

Wait, why is your throat swollen? Sounds like you had a long night with a black guy. O_o

agree with #1 ROFLMAO

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... Well that sucks. but shouldn't you have done a little research before sticking a Foriegn Frozen treat in your Mouth? Didn't you notice it was Yellow? You should start Checking from now on. You never know what it could be.

just wondering.. why was your throat swollen? hrmmmm. :/

pee should be clear#89

hahahahaha!!!!! ur soo funny!!!!

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& when is exactly did you find this out? ahh that is soo gross.!!! xP your brother is a gross little dude. ...would that still smell even if frozen?

reyemrein, I think I love you.

at least it wasn't a poopsicle.

#91 yes, in an ideal world

WTF icelollie ICEland people there isn't even that much ice stupid lmao angry comment start now

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Why would you eat it if your throat was swollen? Ice/cold foods make your throat worst and make you cough. Idiot. You know what, fuck you OP.

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what do you usually apply to something that is swollen?? Ice i believe. in all my many years of tonsilitus i have never been told not to eat/drink cold stuff infact once they take your tonsils out your poor swollen throat is soothed with ice cream.

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#90 is freaking gorgeous just then I realized my school is Hella ugly man i hate mukilteo

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haha 118 got served! no but really cold foods and drinks do help out so STFU and GTFO

unmmm salty. lol

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woww, you said nub......

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oh wow that is really gross

I believe that this is a fake! urine does not freeze in a nomral house freezer! due to the large amounts of salt in it. Urine didnt freeze at -70 degrees celcius as tested by mythbusters! i think this is a busted FML

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ice lolly???? you mean popsicle? lol

Chocolate_Chunk 2

mythbuster conclusions aren't worth shit. It's a funny show with lots of explosions, but it is nearly as far away from real science as CSI is. The last time I watched it, they went to test glass cutters for criminals. "Conclusion": myth busted because it will cut the glass, but the cutted-out part will fall down and make a noise. It diddn't even occur to them that such a fine thing like a suction cup does exist and is used in every occurence of the old criminal-cuts-glass in the media. I think in the same show they tested infra-red-detectors and were completely dazzled that something cold would not activate it. no shit, sherlock.

you're gorgeous if you weren't informed

ice lollies that's so cute

"That's not lemonade," moment.

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Gotta love little brothers......

serves you right for calling them ice lollies

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Just Monika

slip one in his mt dew

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The game.

snick-- do you wanna be a grammar teacher when you grow up? and if you were on a date I bet you'd correct them and piss them off like you piss everyone else off

Snick's comment keeps disappearing D:

I think the mods might be fed up with her. lol

Hey snickerdoodles, all of your comments are grammatically incorrect; after a punctuation mark like a period or exclamation point, you are supposed to use two spaces instead of one to start the next sentence, like so: This is incorrect. It has one space. This is correct. It has two spaces. Now shut the fuck up about other peoples comments--and yes, my first sentence was a huuuugggeeee run on. We all know.

Chocolate_Chunk 2

Actually, no. Double spaces were never required (just a typographic convention for monospaced fonts on typewriters) and are obsolete since 60 years. Double fail for you because FML/HTML removed your second space.

What's wrong with me?? I always drink only liquid!!

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beat his ass with an ice lolly!!

that's probably what he wants

snick, man...seriously. you need to let go of this "I analyze all grammatical flaws in an attempt to make me seem more intelligent online" gimmick, it's already old. get a personality, lamer.

thats when you poop in the ice tray and see what happens

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oh wow that must suck lol