By Jugan - 19/10/2012 21:44 - France - Vaulx-milieu

Today, I discovered a way to send a massive number of text messages to someone simultaneously, so I decided to do it to my friend as a prank. I quickly noticed that I forgot to disable the delivery notification feature. FML
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*Ding* sent. *Ding* sent. *Ding* sent. *Ding* sent. *Ding* sent. *Ding* sent. *Ding* sent. *Ding* sent. *Ding* sent.

daringtoride 27

Karma is a bitch, but she's a quick bitch too ;)


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I don't think you should call OP an asshole just because they were having a bit of fun with spamming.

Now why is he an ass hole if it was a joke? :(

7- exactly, I troll all the time. I mean no harm, I'm just here to cause chronic lols.

19; I know what you mean, plus no friend really cares if you spam them unless they're busy and phones have a silent button for a reason C:

Try sending 30k to a feature phone. I litterally pissed myself from laughimg so hard from doing that to someone in class.

I don't get how it's such a big deal? It's just a little bit annoying getting lots of texts?

thousands upon thousands of messeges unable to do anything

perdix 29

#1, why do I find it so funny that you separated "asshole" into two words?

GuessWhatKids 13

34 - Is it just me who pictures a little kid who is uncomfortable with swearing whenever somebody says "ass hole"?

bladedrose 3

The trick is to send so many messages you overload their phone and it freezes or forcibly shuts down. They restart their phone and have it happen again, and again (minimum of 3 max of 5 or 6) ^.^ trust me they go from mildly annoyed to thermal Nuclear shit storm pretty quick!

adamcichuttek 2

NgIt's not really that funny. My cell phone broke from getting spammed with texts. Trolling is one thing hut you never put someones phone on the line lol

And not everyone has an unlimited text plan. A prank like that can get expensive quick.

DarthSekra 4

What do you live in the damn dark ages or something? A standard cell plan now comes with unlimited text

63; No, usually you have to pay a bit extra for unlimited. If an unlimited plan was the same as a limited cell phone plan I think everyone in the world would have unlimited texting plans.

notnertyelkcub 1

I'm 17. Please excuse any bad grammar on my part, I'm from Hawaii and Florida, two of the worst education areas in the U.S.A.

63 I do have unlimited but I know plenty of people who do not. It makes more financial sense to not pay for something that you don't use a lot. Every carrier is different and while many are making unlimited an affordable option, carriers know they are making money off of texts and data rather phone calls, so some still have unlimited at a high cost.

I'm from Florida and I believe my grammar is batter than most Internet people.

Yes, your grammar sure is batter. Now lets take that batter and make some cookies.

michaelaranda 28

69- First off, why would you even say that? No one cares. Second, learn how to spell. I can't imagine that you have such good grammar if you cannot even spell better.

Jus disable that feature and continue? C:

528Alice491 3

The phone probably won't calm down long enough for them to get in there! Lol omg.

Hell, put it in another room if possible. We can live without our phones or a little while can't we? There's always the computer ;)

*Ding* sent. *Ding* sent. *Ding* sent. *Ding* sent. *Ding* sent. *Ding* sent. *Ding* sent. *Ding* sent. *Ding* sent.

daringtoride 27

Karma is a bitch, but she's a quick bitch too ;)

Normally the bitch waits it out though. This time OPs friend received instantaneous payback.

zakkyzebra 11

Maybe Karma would be nice if we stopped calling her a bitch...

Inheritance 10

Karma you're not a bitch :D. Ok I'll be back on by the end of the day to inform you if it worked or not, toodels.

I'd like to notify you you kinda deserved it for pulling the prank, that's a dick move!

Sulkiva 2

*Sigh* You're doing it wrong... -_-'

What the **** I don't get it now I feel like taking a sh!t

olpally 32

Way to go, genius... Lol.. Troll failure!