By Jugan - France - Vaulx-milieu
Today, I discovered a way to send a massive number of text messages to someone simultaneously, so I decided to do it to my friend as a prank. I quickly noticed that I forgot to disable the delivery notification feature. FML
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  bladedrose  |  3

The trick is to send so many messages you overload their phone and it freezes or forcibly shuts down. They restart their phone and have it happen again, and again (minimum of 3 max of 5 or 6) ^.^ trust me they go from mildly annoyed to thermal Nuclear shit storm pretty quick!

  Mideoyeo  |  12

63; No, usually you have to pay a bit extra for unlimited. If an unlimited plan was the same as a limited cell phone plan I think everyone in the world would have unlimited texting plans.

  alycion  |  38

63 I do have unlimited but I know plenty of people who do not. It makes more financial sense to not pay for something that you don't use a lot. Every carrier is different and while many are making unlimited an affordable option, carriers know they are making money off of texts and data rather phone calls, so some still have unlimited at a high cost.