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  Boddmon  |  0

I don't believe one's knee needs to be particularly bony in order to injure someone, especially a child.
Lets get a not-so-bony person to knee you in the face and you tell me if it hurts.

  Boddmon  |  0

Okay so basically you're saying that OP deserves it for having knees?
Since all knees are bony, the fact that you specifically mentioned bony knees is irrelevant yes?
According to your logic, I should beat you in the head with a baseball bat and if I feel bad I deserve it for owning a baseball bat, better yet you deserve it for having a head.

  ellness  |  0

that's not bad parenting. a full grown man/woman was skipping in public with their little girl. they skip with just enough energy to hit her. my parents accidentally hit me a few times too lol. and I've hit little kids with doors accidentally because they're 1 foot tall and I'm 6!! tell me how that makes me bad?

and if u were totally kidding about that, just ignore me XD sorry

By  Soulathyia  |  0

how tall is your daughter? Cause if she's above like 4ft I call fake. It's pretty hard to knee somebody in the face unless you meant too. If she was skipping with you wouldn't she be on the other side of you not facing you directly in front of you?