By seminole711 - 20/09/2009 14:17 - United States

Today, I put my sexiest lingerie on, lit candles, put some sensual music on, and got my bed ready to surprise my boyfriend when he came home. I positioned myself in the sexiest pose possible. He came home and didn't come in my room for 20 minutes because of a football game. FML
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flyboy57 0

Haha. YDI for planning it on game night.

009yp 0

can't stop a man from his football


You have... I don't know waited until he came at least near your room.

u shudve just went to sleep I bet it wud be better then having sex

You really want to be sexy... Walk in with nothing but his teams jersey

009yp 0

can't stop a man from his football

flyboy57 0

Haha. YDI for planning it on game night.

football is fun to play. watching other people play it, however, is about as fun as getting kicked in the face. NFL fans will ruin the world yet. look on the bright side. if you like the NFL, at least the NASCAR fans are still dumber than you.

Maybe you shouldn't be so passive, go out there and tell him to **** you in the ass. If he's smart he'd come along, but make sure to record the game on the DVR.

there was a game what'd you expect?

#5, you're #5, not first haha and what, did you expect him to use his psychic powers in order to know that you set that all up? hah

there is no #5 u r tard


First!!! Suck it and that sux

Captain0bv10us 0

Sir, you are not even close to first. And frankly, you're quite the failure. You may 'suck it'.

he proboly wouldn't just go to his room and football sucks but u could have done a sexy walk towards him and told him to follow u

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picturetaker 0

lol, YDI for doing that on a game night. it would have been funny if he walked in with friends. gangbang anyone?