By jking2z - 13/03/2015 22:39 - United States

Today, I tried to boycott an 80's theme party by wearing my regular clothes. Everyone said they loved my costume. FML
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Why would you go to a costume party if you are going to boycott the theme?

boyocotting by taking part, because logic. ydi.


Why would you go to a costume party if you are going to boycott the theme?

they are probably trying to be rebelious, or stand out in the crowd

Maybe the other guests saw what he was trying to do and decided to completely ignore his boycott attempts by giving him compliments on his "costume"?

must be a hipster thing

That's what I thought too! :)

Sounds more like a dick thing to me.

Because they want everyone else to know how much of a unique snowflake they are.

Yup for sure OP is a hipster. Damn hipsters.

boyocotting by taking part, because logic. ydi.

I agree. OP is a party pooper. Why go to a party with a theme just to not participate in the theme? All it does is ruin other people's time.

What about the party did you find boycott-able? Was it the fact that it was 80s themed? Because that's a little odd.

Yeah people who choose to boycott something in order to get attention and still eat all the free food are such assholes.

Steffi3 40

Looks like you need some new clothes!

This doesn't make since. Why the hell would you not just wear a costume to the party?

Maybe they didn't have the money for it. Maybe they are tired of 80's themed parties. That is totally legit. But "protesting" is just rude and stupid.

Today I tried to boycott fun and it didn't work. Now I am going to cry myself to sleep because nobody let me take a dump on their joy. Seriously? YDI. I didn't take part in a family ugly Xmas sweater party because I had no money and have enough self esteem issues without making myself wear something ugly. I got party pooper presents and I deserved them. I would do it again but I sure would never FML about it.

Well that backfired xD

Thank you for that observation, Sherlock

Not a problem lieutenant sarcasm

Keep digging Watson...

Stupid stupid stupid

Scrooge! And also time to update your wardrobe....

Yoda-style much you have young one

I like your style op. Boycott a party by going to it!