By mycedes - 26/10/2011 17:56 - United States

Today, was the last day of the prank war between me and my husband. I told him the last prank needed to be the best one. I took a shower and tried to think up my last prank. When I got out of the shower, my hair was green. FML
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You my friend, got owned.

m0tl3ycru3 0

Too bad it wasn't st. Patricks day


m0tl3ycru3 0

Too bad it wasn't st. Patricks day

icefshng8 9

GET TROLLED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

icefshng8 9

GET TROLLED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Its all about getting there first.

spikeisfat 6

OP should've looked in the shower before she got in haha

_MrKitty_ 2

He should of used Nair. That would of been a really good prank.

GuitarFail123 9

haha wow i think tht deserves a clap...

icefshng8 9

*slowly rises up from his chair, performing a slow clap, still in awe, a tear dripping down his face

...I have green hair :(... I thought it was pretty cool

Horde 8

*clap.. clap... clap..* Oh, good. My slow clap processor made it into this thing. So we have that.

*golf clap* Whew! That was a lot of effort... I'm feeling all clapped out now.

You my friend, got owned.

Exactly. I don't understand the point of this FML? You guys both willingly entered into a prank war and now that you've been pranked you come whining?

One word, revenge.

U got that from another fml

No shit she did, 54. You figure that out by yourself?

Four words : tobasco and toilet paper

2ndSucks 15

Pretty sure you'd be able to tell if there was Tabasco on your toilet paper.

Actually i didnt but good for the comment from before

m0tl3ycru3 0

Too bad it wasn't st. Patricks day.

that's not even funny...

Green hair is amazing do not complain

The shade is important. Is it a deep, dark forest green? Or an obnoxious lime green?

stacianichole 2

That kitten is amazing.

A lesson in humility from a Pokemon.

NinaTatianna 9

all is fair in love and war.

bizarre_ftw 21

Finally a place that cliché Actually works! People say it so much, but half the time it's for idiotic reasons!

lovelydarlings 6

In this case, all is "hair" in love and war. :)

swheat25 5

Good one!

wild_n_out 8

Not quite

iFizzgig 11

70- punny

johnnyrogers97 9

Well said

zakkyzebra 11

145- don't worry, he's Canadian. I hear they fight polar bears with their bare hands.

It'd be easier if they did it with bear hands.

Well whoever said that must be a dumbass and the fact that you believe it makes u an even bigger dumbass. Im from canada.

Canadians are supposed to be nice. You're obviously not Canadian.

Now put bleach in his shampoo. You'll win for sure then! :)

what if hes blonde? id take that over green hair! unless hes asian, like me...that would be bad. but so is green hair...

Bleach as in chlorine.

ollallie 0

Or maybe put something in his shaving cream??? But what...

Okay you guys, chillax. It's a joke. Not meant to be takin seriously.

Piss in his eye when he sleeps

61- nice one?

Put icy hot in the lotion he uses to jack off with.

I would have also put orange dye in the soap... Oompa loompa dompity do

Now he can say you're green with envy at his ingenious pranks

wild_n_out 8