By Anonymous - 05/04/2017 12:00

Today, I learned that when I start University next month I will have to either pay $900 for an all-access semester-long parking pass, pay $200 for for a bus pass that takes an hour to get to campus, or pay $100 to park outside campus and walk 4 miles to and from class each day. FML
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Pay the 100 and ride a bike

I would go for the bus


I would go for the bus

The bus is probably the safer option. I've had many friends miss classes because they spent an hour looking for parking. It really depends on the campus though.

Ahhh the uni problems. I decided to move closer to uni so I could walk 15 minutes. Even with the parking label, there was no guarantee that one would get parking. Some days would have visitors, on others there would be too many students. The buses were notorious for never being on time and the peak hour rush in those buses was horrible. Your life sucks man.

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I really hope you accidentally added some extra zeros in there, because those prices are just insane.

Alas, no extra zeros included.... :-(

Alas, no extra zeros included.... :-(

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It's not insane - it's college.

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That's crazy! My parking pass as a commuter student was $180/semester (but I had access only to one lot), and you could get a city bus pass through the school for free. Are you attending a private university in a big city or something?

mariri9206 32

I could only imagine that it's because it's more of a last minute thing. I can't believe that a university wouldn't have corresponded to OP about this sooner.

Pay the 100 and ride a bike

Yep, $100 and ride the bike, especially since its almost 'Real' spring (depending on where you are). The other option is what a lot of my friends did, was knock on homes nearby the school and offer them cash to park in their driveway during school hours. May want to sign a simple contract with them so they don't say yes, take the cash and call a tow. One of the homes my friend parked at was thankful as it made it look like they had someone home during the day as they worked late! Who knows, doesn't hurt to try!

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Now that is a good idea.

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I rode a bike 2 miles to and from work, but going was at 530 when it was cool. If your first class is at 12 your gonna sweat your balls off. But hey it's great exercise

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In my university we had a bus pass, but you could also buy single tickets for like £1.5 or 10 for £10. If that's a possibility, work out how many days you have to be in and whether that would be cheaper. This does mean that if you have like a 3-hour break you're probably stuck on campus, cause you won't want to pay double. if the bus connection isn't too bad (as in if you miss one, there will be another shortly) and driving there would take like 30 minutes anyway (+ find parking spot), I'd probs go with the bus pass.

Bend over and pay the $900. I'm at a place where they make faculty pay for parking! I bike, bus or pay an exorbitant daily fee to avoid that charge. In retrospect, it hasn't been worth it.

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You and every other university student, join the club.

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I'd go for the bus pass. You'd be saving money on fuel and you could also use the hour trip both directions to study, read, listen to music, snooze, etc.