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Today, I got a call from a prominent orchestra asking me to play with them. They were especially interested because I'm still in high school. I called to accept only to find out that my mother had already declined the offer for me because I "only" have a 3.7. FML
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Judging by your name, I assume you play the bass. That makes this suck even more because the standup bass is an amazing instrument that takes a ton if talent and finesse to play well, especially well enough to be invited into a prestigious orchestra. I hope that you insisted on still playing with them! FYL indeed, I'd be both angry and sad in that situation.

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FYL. Just... FYL. We should probably have a category for "meddling parents" ._. what's up with that, really?


why did thye call again if your mother had already declined you?

No, she called them back to accept. Her mother previously called them back without her knowing.

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I would've explained to the guys at the orchestra that you don't agree with your mother's wishes and that you'd be happy to accept. Is it a single parent household? If so: Sit down and talk to your mother about how being a perfectionist with your GPA has now elliminated a chance at obtaining a valuable refference and experience. If she has half a brain, she'll listen. If not: Bitch about it to Dad.

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Dang Indians, thinking their smart child is stupid.

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i would legitimately take a baseball bat to my mom's head if she did that.

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3.7 is easy!!!! my folks don't accept anything less then a 3.9

Don't worry, I imagine it's hard to read a FML properly with such a long fringe covering your eyes.

Judging by your name, I assume you play the bass. That makes this suck even more because the standup bass is an amazing instrument that takes a ton if talent and finesse to play well, especially well enough to be invited into a prestigious orchestra. I hope that you insisted on still playing with them! FYL indeed, I'd be both angry and sad in that situation.

refeshing to see a real, meaningful reponce here smiles

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I know, right? I know someone like this whos parents go like "I can't believe you got a ninty-two on that test!" Parents like that need to realize that ninety-two average is a hell of a good grade compared to what half the class gets and, last time I checked, in almost every school half of the class graduates to a good college and gets a good job. God damm you slavedriver parents

117- a 3.7 is nowhere near a 92 average....

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Are you asian? Haha just kidding That really sucks

why are you a racist asshole bitch? -_-

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^ I'm guessing you two are NOT asian. If you are, then just chill.

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You'd probably understand if you were.

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im thinking no, cuz theres no way an asian has less than a 3.9 at any given time, not in HS.

uh well, I got a gpa below 3.9, in high school. and I'm asian. but then again i'm studying in an Asian school

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FYL. Just... FYL. We should probably have a category for "meddling parents" ._. what's up with that, really?

You're so right! I've always thought there should be a "parents" section on this site.

whats 3.7? is it the school average or your hieght or what?

It's her beauty on a ten point scale. A 3.7 is quite an ugly girl. To go under 4, you have to get into morbid obesity, festering boils, warts (hairy ones), meth mouth, unibrows, deformities, microcephaly (pinhead), male pattern baldness and carbuncles. Her mom was just telling the orchestra that her daughter is just too fugly to appear on stage.

Seriously, how old ARE you? GPA is grade point average. You get a 4.0 for an A, a 3.0 for a B and so on, and then they average it together. It means she gets almost straight A's with some B's, and her mom's a psycho who thinks those B's mean she is an inferior human being. Now that you know what a GPA is, come back when you hit high school and have one.

Ah. The old "ITS HAPPENS IN AMERICA SO ITS TRUE WORLDWIDE" mentality. If someone's lacking maturity, it'll be you. I bet you know shit all about the education system in England or Australia, but because someone doesn't know about the good ol' US system (which has a 47.6% failure rate according to the University of Minnesota: they're obviously stupid. I'd like to say you do your country a disservice, but I've grown to expect this way of thinking from americans.

Thanks Stormx, couldn't have said it better.

Agreeing with Stormix. Sunsh1ne, I could easily ask how old you are because you do no know how to spell mum, or secondary school-but I do not, because I know that is American, and respect your nationality, and American ways (at least some of them ;P). You, for one, will have to realise that the United States do not have the perfect system, that every nation on the globe copies. And Plexico: I loved the comment. :P

Dont you know? Europeans always judge an entire country by a few idiots on the internet.

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umm...i think that sunsh1ne was trying to say "how old are you" to 22jrdn55 because hes an idiot and asked what a GPA is, and just happened to comment after plexico. try opening your minds a little.

Didn't you know? Americans always assume that every other country has the same schooling system as them.

Well done for trying to look intelligent while having a go at plexico, but if you were really smart, you might have noticed.. it was a joke, genius. (:

LadyKaya, I am almost ALWAYS joking when I comment on FML. The one about the kid with the rare genetic disorder yesterday really did bum me out, but I can hardly remember the last time I was really, really serious about a comment. This site is interactive comedy to me.

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How about being an athlete and competing at state finals for two different sports (football, as a starter, and swimming in 3 event out of a maximum of 4), on top of a 4.0 -- which includes the 9 hours/semester of college credit I was taking instead of high school classes? Granted, I only made it to State Swimming 1 year out of three, but I made it to State Football as a starter 2 years out of 2. (Freshmen can't play Varsity at my High school). So, so I have to shut the "he'll" (sic) up, or do I have room to talk?

There are plenty of well-rounded people out there who like to enjoy themselves on sites like FML. They are not only excellent musicians with perfect GPAs, but also amazing athletes, altruistic humanitarians, powerful leaders, etc.

Plexico shows so much truth in those few words!

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Not all Americans think the GPA is everywhere. In france I know it's out of 20... At my University we don't even have grades, we have written evaluations.

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If you actually read the whole post, you would see that this girl IS from the United States

always pull out the "but i know someone who is ... card" eh YOURE ALL ******* NIGGERS, but dont worry i cant be racist, my mums black

Please #42, don't expect such stupidity from us Americans. Some of us are actually smart about the rest of the world. Oh and it could also be the fact that that person isn't even in high school yet. I apologize for any dumb Americans who have annoyed you.

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I thought it was hilarious, Plexico :P

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but use proper contraceptives, u dun wanna be one of those walking STD spreaders that every1 whispers about during lunchtime in the girls bathroom while taking a dump

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i wonder what he thought gpa means.

i honestly thought he was aking OP, because he didnt reply to anyones comment.

Wow, it just SUCKS to have a mom. -_- Heavy sarcasm added with a side of eye rolling.

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can't you just say she changed her mind and is letting you play.

uh huh. 3.7 is basically epic fail to me, my family, and my friends. I've never gotten anything below a 4.25 GPA. Is 3.7 really that hard?

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depends on which school you go to, i believe, basing on the context of the OPs post, their school grades GPAs on a scale of 0-4 while your school must be on a 0-5 scale, informate before you air your opinion

Well la dee da for you! Most of us have lives outside of school and can't be arsed to make everything perfect and get 4.25 GPA's Especially not so much that we get all A's in our weighted classes. **** that. All the weighted classes I was in resulted in a B. I'd like to spend time with my friends and still get a 4.0 instead of wasting my life at home perfecting projects just to get a few 5.0's

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It's on a 4.0 scale, not a 5.0.

In many schools, you get more than 4 points for an A in advanced level courses. Unless you are in a school that uses a true 4-point scale, a 3.7 is not necessarily that impressive of a GPA. So, if you are willing to mislead us FML readers, I can only imagine what kind of BS you pass off on your poor mom! You probably blew the conductor anyway.

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Wtf at this post. I'm not trying to say a 3.7 is lofty, but it should garnish enough respect to allow someone to choose how to spend their free time. I could understand < 3.0 receiving this response from the parents, but a 3.7 is fine... Meh, probably just a troll anyway

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#23-- He's not a troll, he was making a joke. Read it over again with the "joke" frame of mind and you'll see that he was being funny. (at least to some of us, maybe not to you?)

Good thing you went to some garbage grade-inflation school, pelxico. Hey colleges! Our kids are so good that they get more than a 4.0! Nevermind that we artificially increase those numbers so our kids will actually be in way over their heads in their first college seminar. If you're so smart, you should be able to excel on the same grading scale, but with harder classes.

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My school used the 4 point grading system. It offered a lot of AP level courses. Yeah, it was actually a pretty crappy school, but at least they didn't hide it behind grade inflation.