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  VeganVampyre  |  26

Me neither. But my best friend is a bloody pro. He can solve a 3x3 in 30 seconds and a 5x5 in 10 minutes. He tried to teach me the pattern but I just can't get it :(

  SookyTurner  |  4

I had no idea how to do it untill watching a youtube clip on how to do it. Make notes of it cu theres only like seven steps to remember. Its easy once you get the hang :)

  VorpikeII  |  17

I seem to be surrounded by rubix wizards. My 11 year old cousin can complete a 3x3 in 20 seconds, and a 4x4 in 3minutes, my friend can complete a 3x3 in a minute, a 4x4 in 5minutes, and finally, my other friend can complete a 3x3 in about 10seconds and a 4x4 in 30 seconds. And I have yet to complete one.

  DocBastard  |  38

*click* *whirrr* *bzzzzzz* DING!

"At least I'll know that didn't work! Ha ha!"

Shit, that still makes no sense. I must conclude that this commenter is drunk, a moron, or a drunk moron.