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Today, I went to my little cousin's school to pick her up and it happened to be my old elementary school. I saw my old teacher and went up to say hi, and after a few minutes she goes "Aren't you the girl who's dad always came in drunk on parent's day?" Nice to know that's how I'm remembered. FML
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sdcrazy1018 0

At least he came to parent's day

twinklestar you are full of shit!


Hey, at least she remembered you at all. That's something, right?

YayAmerica 0

Wow. Tact, huh? Well, aren't you?

sdcrazy1018 0

At least he came to parent's day

well, if it's any consolation, after all these years, she's STILL a fucking teacher.

YayAmerica 0

Well that's not offensive to the teachers out there. You know some people go into jobs because they actually WANT to do them for a living. :D

I'm glad they understand. but hell, gotta go where the money is. You work to make $$$ no? besides, after say, 5-10 years of teaching snot-nosed brats who don't respect you for shit anyways, you really think it's _still_ their passion? Odds are they're stuck in their situation and spending all they can on lotto tix.

I'm pretty sure all the teachers I know enjoy their jobs. =/ A lot more rewarding than a lot of professions out there.

YayAmerica 0

Agreed. I know a LOT of teachers who still really love it. Money doesn't drive everyone.

please, money spins the world. Otherwise, they rely on another source of _real_ income. If they honestly still enjoy it, then that's a blessing, but work was never meant to be fun. ..hence the name.

Teaching still pays better than a lot of jobs, has better job security and better holidays too...

See, time off! Now you're thinkin'!

Just because someone enjoys their job doesn't mean they don't want to take holidays. Don't be ridiculous.

It wasn't a stab, most high-paying jobs don't allow holidays or most of the days teachers get off. What I meant was, combined with doing something you like, there's actually a plus side to taking the lower-paying job. in all honesty, I've realized my time is worth more than my money nowadays. Money comes and goes but...time, you'll never get back.

No, not all teachers enjoy their jobs. One of mine has made that VERY VERY clear.

I can understand drinking on parents day. Primary schools almost always make you sit on those little childrens chairs, and if it's one of those parents days where all the classes put on performances it can get pretty tedious. My daughters school actually sells beer at the school functions like that. Anyways, maybe she only remembered that because she was concerned about you, so it's kind of nice in a way.

YayAmerica 0

Still a bit harsh, though. "Hey, wasn't your dad a hopeless drunk?" isn't really the number 1 recommended way to say "So, how are you doing now?"

expen_dable 0

you must be the embarassing drunk single mom who tries to hit on the male teachers and invite them back to your trailer while your poor kid eats Chef Boyardee in the next room

I don't drink. I'm simply mentioning alcohol is often served even at school functions in Europe where we don't abuse it like Americans. Quit being so cut and stalking me.

" Europe where we don't abuse it like Americans." Really?

Yeah... really.

stereotype much?

Hey chikita you totally nailed it, the amount of alcohol abuse by citizens of any age is astonishing we are the only country that you can buy a GUN before taking a swig this is to twinkletoes or what ever

crzyry 6

Count yourself lucky, I'm not even allowed back into my elementary school! I don't see an fml here, does anybody in that school mean anything to you now that you no longer attend? I think not.

ruzicat 0

Wow.. Who gives a shit.

Well someone's Ms. Sunshine today.

so.. your little cousin and your daughter wen t to school there?

No it's her little cousin's current elementary school and her old one.

susieKiute 0

haha, story of my life

schwinn11 0

Look at it this way, atleast they remembered you,