By jigglepuff - 09/02/2014 17:00 - United States - Scottsdale

Today, I heard my sister talking to my mom about me, saying that I have the ability to suck the life out of a room like a Dementor. I walked in and asked what she meant by that. My mom replied, "She means you're an asshole." I love you too, mom. FML
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shaww 28

Oh FML mothers... You can always count on them for support

Silly muggles. At least they can't cast the Patronus Charm at you.


shaww 28

Oh FML mothers... You can always count on them for support

MikaykayUnicorn 36

Tell your sister she's so fat her patronus would be a cake.

Honestly, if a mother thinks her son/daughter is an asshole then there has to be some truth to it. Just because she's your mom doesn't mean she should be supportive of you no matter what you do, and you can't blame her for being honest. Change your ways and you'll see a change in attitude towards you. that's what I think and I stand by it.

@54: I fully agree with you. My mother also doesn’t support me always, and whenever she did not support me there was a real reason for this. In this case it’s not only the mother but OP’s sister, as well. So OP might think about what’s wrong with him or her.

yeah mother's can suck, telling you the truth and all hehe. So OP. . . . have you maybe tried not being an asshole?

Silly muggles. At least they can't cast the Patronus Charm at you.

I had to think a little and then reread the FML to get this. I can be stupid

That username and a hand-me-down robe, you must be a Weasley.

MikaykayUnicorn 36

15, HOW DARE YOU SPEAK OF THE WEALSEYS IN THAT MANNER. sorry, you channelled my inner Molly Weasley.

My father shall hear about this you filthy muggles

Wizardo 33

SILEEEENCE! The only wizard here is me you pathetic muggles, enemies if the heir beware...

Silence fool! I completed all 7 years at Hogwarts! While you were getting your High School diploma and a master's degree in fake wizardry.

wellthen7154 12

Must have been the nargles...

At least she didn't cast a patronus charm

crucio I'd a good curse to promote just about anything you need including faster thinking

Well, you can always count on your mom to be brutally honest..

Incoming sarcasm. Come on #5 you know any form of honesty is a bad thing, especially from parents! Parents have to say their children are little angels even when they are complete pricks that people want nothing to do with.

Well, damn. But don't let them get to you Op, who cares what they think.

JMichael 25

If you don't think you are an asshole to them then I would have a serious talk about it. Clearly they have their reasons for saying what they did; not saying it's true (that you're an asshole) but there is obviously some issue and you should try to get to the bottom of it with them

olpally 32

Seems like someone had breakfast with a side of bitch this morning. call her a bitch, I would. Terrible mother.

"What did you have for breakfast, Carnation Instant Bitch?"

olpally 32

No, mine was the asshole brand :) Stay classy, San Diego

Embrace it! Being an asshole is a good thing.

I am an asshole and it plays to my advantage. Granted I'm not an asshole 100% of the time and when I'm being an asshole everybody finds it funny.

Well, it means you don't really give a **** about anyone else's opinion.

That's probably because you're a coward to admit you're wrong sometimes #57 . You're only human , it's okay...

If it makes you feel any better,my sister calls me an asshole on a daily basis.And my mother agrees with her.

I fail to understand how that, under any circumstances, would make OP feel better.