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Today, I got my science test back. I thought I did a horrible job on it, but only three were circled. I was happy but doubtful that I did so well, so I asked my teacher just to make sure. He said it was faster to circle the correct answers. FML
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#1 - true, but I was forced to do science in year 9 and even if I studied I did badly because I couldn't understand any of it. Some people just don't have scientific or mathematical brains, doesn't make them stupid. Everyone is good at different things.

I'm pretty sure science is compulsory and as you said year 9 I assume your from a commonwealth country which gives more reason to why science would be compulsory. If your not good at english or maths you fail life so its best to do well in every subject.

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I dropped maths and science and doing year 12 next year now, subject choice-wise I went with Legal Studies, Business Management, Studio Art, English and POI (a non VCE subject.) I couldn't do well in maths because I hated it and wasn't good at it, same with science. I don't fail at life just because I'm not good at everything!

Studying doesn't always promise good results. The post suggests OP did care about the test so it's likely she did study for it. Some people don't have academic minds and subsequently don't do well in maths, science or languages no matter how hard they study. Failing academics doesn't mean you fail life though. Everyone is strong at something in life.

I've never studied in my life and I've passed evey test I've ever had.

Science 9 was a joke. I used my iPod half the time and I got an A in that class.

It happend to me to twise in physics i felt that i did bad, but somehow and dont ask i got 100 both times. me teacher is a guy and my friends always bother me that i go after school for "extra credit"

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well dam dude lay off the alcohol. first you call an ugly chick pretty at mcdonalds and now you can't pass science 9?!?!

I hate when people cheat on tests especially when they ask me for answers cause I am good at science.

Well, it's a little rough to get by in life without an academic mind anymore... you could always be a business major.

31, learn a little humility. Sure tests may come easy to you, but they don't to everyone. People learn in different ways and have different strengths. If your profile is to be believed you're 12 anyway, so it's not much to brag about doing well in whatever gradeschool classes you're taking. Enjoy it while it lasts.

you're 13 years old. I don't even think tests needed studying at that age..

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funny. I was a hairdresser and made $62,000 my first year and ended up with 2 salons and did very well.

No, 24 does not win. Funz DID do very well and DOES own 2 salons. I should know - her minions cut my hair. Really. Don't make stupid comments that you can't back up. It makes you look foolish.

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what is wrong with you ******* people. yes I did make that kind of money and why am I a dumb bitch for trying to post a comment that I DIDNT ******* lie about. and for you all that posted "win" for the dick heads that were just disrespful for no reason are just as ignorant! god damn. I don't need to take back anything. WTF. seriously.

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I get on fml because I like to read the comments that are posted and so many people on here I think are hilarious. and I don't mind a good debate when it's silly and stays fun, but some of you on here are just flat out punks and **** it up for others with your "dumb bitch" comments and sometimes worse. so **** you. **** you **** you!!!!!!

#22 with such supple boobs as yours i'd go the way of the stripper, larger tips

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is it that time of month again? damn, its just a website and those were some pretty funny jokes. chill

Sebastion, that's a drawing, friend. Go beat off to Dora. Funzee, don't feed the trolls. They say this crap to get a reaction from you, and you fell for it. Trolls are like mosquitos - they are really annoying and cause you to flail around a little, but if you ignore them they still bite you. Then you slap the shit out of them and they explode and squirt blood everywhere.

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^ I thought trolls were like mosquitos because they carried malaria.

Trades often can make big bucks. Take a look at music instrument teachers. They can make ~50$/hr.

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uh that would be a terrible thing! hair dressers have to take a lot if chemistry. Chemistry is science. Your a dumb ass and ******* jerk for even saying something like that! ****** learn your shit before you post something you aren't even educated enough to make a logical comment!

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Jesus, funz, it's the Internet. People aren't nice, and anyway, if you're making so much money then why do you give a damn if people don't believe you? And if you're not making that much money, then you're just pissed you got caught in a lie. Either way, grow up and calm your ****.

WOW Ever heard of revising? Try it, it helps! :)

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Not every school/teacher allows people to revise their tests.

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In some places in the world, "revising" means the same thing as "studying". That's what I would say they meant, not literally revising or correcting a test.

That sucks OP. I hate when you really study for a test and still fail it. I do that in math classes...pretty much every time.

You ******* RETART. It's edjumAcation! Dumbass.

golly gee guizez. I funkd engish and I liek to piss of grammer nazis

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42, that literally made me laugh out loud =)

well you're not a complete idiot, you were right in thinking you did horrible on the test

that's hardly an fml, that happens to so many people like daily. plus, you were expecting to do badly anyway. but what the teacher said was pretty funny :P

I don't understand why they moderated my comment, but okay

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Circle the rest of them and tell him that he totaled them up wrong.

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That sucks, but at least you asked about it instead of telling all your parents you got a good grade then getting a progress report with an F

how many parents does he have cuz I only have two and I don't really need another mom right now. although having lots of parents would be awesome for allowance