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Today, I came home to find my housemate cowering in the lounge corner, sobbing, hugging a bag of chips while the automatic vacuum cleaner gently bumped into him. Apparently he "mistakenly" put magic mushrooms in his sandwich instead of peanut butter. FML
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He sounds like a fungi to be around! Don't be so sporing OP, have a laugh!

That's prettt much how I spend everyday, even without shrooms.


That's prettt much how I spend everyday, even without shrooms.

Outside bad. Inside good. The sun isn't my friend.. It wants to hurt me.

15 - It was a joke. Sorry if my humor (accompanied with a typo and crude attempt at making an 8th grade level joke) was still somehow over your head.

whiteboy896 9

If that joke went over their head then its fair to say that 15 is either in the 7th grade or lower.

do you make your fingers into faces and name them? if so can I call you spongebob?

106 What part of the word "Joke" Do you not understand

And this is why one should never shroom alone!

And this is why one should never shroom at all!

CallMeMcFeelii 13

Shrooms can be a very enlightening experience. You can question everything and they'll show you a path you won't soon forget. In my opinion shrooms are more of a spiritual tool than a drug. I'm not saying go out and eat a bag of magical mushrooms at all, but for some people it's really helpful for finding the answers hidden away by your mind.

How'd you guess? I am a mom! But I swear, I was pretty awesome before that happened.

79, I'm pretty sure 57 was directing that comment at 45's rather prudish comment.

He sounds like a fungi to be around! Don't be so sporing OP, have a laugh!

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yourmurderscenex 13

No, they taste like shit. at least that's what I've been told...

Both answers are acceptable. However, 'dirt covered shit' is the best way to describe the flavor of mushrooms. You have to be dedicated and have strong gag control to get them down... Definitely not something anyone would eat by mistake.

I've always likened them to two day old, unbuttered popcorn. Still not very pleasant.

Really? To me they tasted like really stale plain Cheerios... Rather gross.

CallMeMcFeelii 13

The trick is to make tea with them. It still isn't a very pleasant taste, but it sure does beat eating them. They're mostly tasteless in my opinion. Try the tea, you'll thank me.

kayteakay 26

They always remind me if moldy cardboard.

That kinda makes me wonder how many times you've eaten moldy cardboard...

daaniel69 6

Damn. Now we know who all trips shrooms.

Well, 85 we do know how had at some point. Don't think every body is running around trippin' balls everyday. More likely once or twice back in high school.

As a group I myself and others who accompanied me have decided that shrooms taste like mummy skin.

Never done shrooms. But I won't sit here and tell you I haven't done drugs.

Taste never bothered me because it tastes exactly like what it is. Mushrooms taste like the raw white mushrooms you find in grocery stores.

I didn't find the taste too bad. I just pounded a can of mountain dew after I ate them and it pretty much took csre of the taste.

In that case, Im pretty sure somebody sold you grocery store mushrooms. Possible?

104, definitely not. Lol. It's been a very very long time since I had them, but that's what I remember thinking while eating them.

They definitely smell bad, but they aren't half bad tasting.

Everyone says they taste like shit, but, at least hydro-shrooms, taste kinda like sunflower seeds, it's really not bad.

He is just chilling with an invisible Neil Patrick Harris riding on a unicorn.

I should stop posting shroom comments while tripping on shrooms O.o

Lounge corner cowering is my FAVORITE!! You should have joined him!

And why exactly do people **** with their brains again? Is crying in the corner like a baby somehow fun for these idiots? I prefer my brain unscrambled, thank you very much.

Commence the obligatory argument about the after effects of psychedelic drug use.

ViRepz 28

Walter Bishop found them very helpful for 'science'.

It's probably the potheads thumbing me down. It's ok - they know how much I love them.

yourmurderscenex 13

Why yes, yes it is. that's why they keep.doing it. would I personally enjoy that? nope!

bfsd42 20

No doc, you probably got thumbed down for your continuously rude name calling and because of your extremely judgmental, unwavering, one-sided view on drug use of any kind.

CallMeMcFeelii 13

The funny thing is he's probably fine with people using opiates and benzos, both of which can cause serious damage to the body and are extremely addictive. You don't see people addicted to mushrooms or weed, but when doctors hand you prescriptions to pain killers and anti-anxiety medication they're throwing addiction straight into your mouth. Not saying mushrooms aren't bad, because they are, but they don''t cause nearly the damage or death toll that prescription pills do.

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To answer your question, Doc: Peer pressure and because it CAN be fun, though obviously not in this case. The first time I smoked marijuana I was encouraged to do so by my boyfriend at the time. I hated it and thought I'd never want to do it again. Then he and his friends managed to convince me that marijuana is always bad the first time you tried it, and was much better the second time. It turned out they were right. Then I tried salvia and hated it. Then I tried salvia a second time...and it was awful again, so I didn't do it again. Then I tried spice and enjoyed it. I smoked spice a few more times and enjoyed it then too. Then one time, I unwittingly smoked some spice that was stronger than what I was used to, and it gave me the most intense attack of anxiety I've ever experienced in my life, before or since. My guess is that that's what happened to OP's roommate. He probably ate more shrooms than he usually does, or ate some that were unusually potent. I agree though that dug abuse of any kind is bad, and I think that some drugs are too powerful and dangerous to every be used safely. However, I think recreational drug use can be done responsibly. I don't smoke marijuana anymore, but I would on occasion if it were legal. I do drink alcohol though because I enjoy it, and while I admit I drink a little more than I should, I don't think it threatens to have a significant negative impact on my life...maybe just my waistline.

CallMeMcFeelii 13

They key to anything, not just recreational illicit drug use, is moderation, 94. You shouldn't gorge yourself on sweets every day as you shouldn't binge on alcohol for days either. As long as you take care of your body and mind the way you always should, a little dip into temptation shouldn't have negative long term side effects. Unless of course you do something insanely stupid like drink ether or inhale keyboard cleaner, you should be ok in the long run.

WeAreAHurricane 14

Your comment is so long it's almost impossible to thumb down.

\ 28

I say that ANYTHING that mimics the action of another chemical in your body is potentially harmful/addictive/debilitating, even pot. If pot really were OK for us, we'd be naturally attracted to it from birth much like koalas to eucalyptus leaves.

111, I agree that marijuana is bad for us. We'd all be much healthier if we never used marijuana or alcohol. Same goes for caffeine, sugar, and greasy food, although they're not as bad as alcohol or marijuana. But then we wouldn't enjoy ourselves. The key to everything is moderation.

Aky0n 10

You just love acting all high and mighty don't cha, doc? Do you have proof that it scrambles your brains? No? Then stop spewing out rubbish, spreading more propaganda as if you know what you're actually talking about and then insulting people who are curious . Aslong as it's done in a safe environment, there shouldn't be anything wrong with it. People like you keep us from advancing research on illegal substances because of preconceived notions that they're all deadly.

#111, My cat is naturally attracted to pot the same way he's naturally attracted to catnip, coffee and tuna. He won't overeat, lick alcohol or eat chocolate. I even use him to smell-test iffy cold cuts and meat. If that honey ham or hydro is good enough for Miston, it's good enough for me!

Morel of the story kids? Don't do drugs. It is a shiitake. You could end up hurting the people around you and sometimes there isn't mushroom for forgiveness.

Pretty sure the same principles apply to alcohol too.

... Alcohol is a drug. But for most things I think as long as they are used in moderation are ok. Keep in mind said most not all.

That's why the automatic vacuum kept bumping into him.

dca101 23

I tries very hard to figure out how youd confuse peanut butter with shrooms. My conclusion: you were on shrooms while putting the shrooms on your sandwich. **** I can only indulge myself in this for so long