By jada - United States
Today, I called my boyfriend over and over again and he never answered. His mom just called me and asked how I was holding up. I asked her what she meant and she had to tell me he checked himself into rehab because he was addicted to heroin. FML
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  Keyman1212  |  14

Guess what! I was not thinking that. I was thinking more along the lines of "how the hell didn't OP notice the tell tale signs of a heroin addict," and "well at least the boy friend checked himself into rehab."


Sorry for being suh a dumbass but heroine is the one you inject right?
Cause at school on the last day before the break in my last class, the dude who sat beside me came in late and he came in smelling like shiit. Like cigarettes and some other thing he smoked cause the smell was worse than cogarettes I couldnt get out of my seat. Felt like just ripping my nose off ._.

  jonriise18  |  3

You guys are wayy overly critical of OP. guess what u become great at when addicted to heroin? Doing everything possible to get it and everything possible to hide it. He could have greatest girl in the world. It's possible to hide it. And as for the bf, not only terrible pieces of scum can get addicted to heroin, so there's nothing saying he isn't a great guy.
*source - personal experience.

  madz5758  |  10

I just found out my husband has been usin heroin for a year. We are really close too. Some people hide it really well. And when you don't know what signs you're looking for, most people (including myself) would never dream that their loved one would do something so stupid.

I feel for you OP, this sucks.

  doodlebug521  |  1

Thank you for saying what I would post. I had a similar experience as the OP and I had no clue he was using either. Drug addicts are very good at lying. So those people shouldn't be so quick to blame her for not knowing, or calling her stupid, because its more common than you think.

  Bekeliyr  |  10

Ok for everyone bashing her, how does her not knowing make her a bad girlfriend? Drug users often hide their addictions really well. there are times even people within their own family doesn't know what drug they've doing because they hide all signs and this could go on for years if money is not an issue.

  bmboente15  |  0

OP, at least he is on a good place, I bet were all glad he's not anyplace worse. And you blaming him has to have limits. Chemical dependancy is a disease. Nobody ever loses it. Some are born with it. Some of us have to live with it.

  bri_maselli  |  0

Maybe he thinks of her too delicately to just bluntly tell her, hey babe I'm addicted to heroin.. Things like that are deep and can frighten people into thinking there will be no support, especially at a time when a person is at their worst and their mind is not right. Maybe he didn't want to chance loosing her but needed help to figure out the correct way to let her know and admit to himself something serious and potentially damaging not only to his relationship but to himself is going on.. Hence the checking himself into getting help.. Just saying :p

  spazz666  |  18

Or maybe he didn't tell his mom and the people at the rehab facility called her for something. Or maybe he's a minor.
Maybe, JUST MAYBE, he needed to get there before he could change his mind and didn't have time to call her.
Don't assume, it makes an ass out of u and me. Except just you in this one(;

  auriane_fml  |  19

My opinion:

Is that supposed to make up for the secret that he has been keeping. I understand that he was scared to tell her, but that doesn't make it alright. The most important thing in any relationship is honesty and communication. he failed at both. Telling someone that you're addicted is frightening, but if you were the OP, would you rather have him tell you or would you want him to lie to you.
I was looking at this from my perspective. If I were in a relationship with this guy I would have been really pissed of, because he lied to me. I have wondered about all the scenario's you just said before I typed my comment and they didn't matter to me. The worst thing that you could to me is lie. Thats why I think that it's horrible to have to find out like this. I was just giving my opinion. My bad there. I thought that I was supposed to give my opinion. Next time i type a comment here i will let people know that it's my opinion maybe we can avoid stuff like this in the future.

@ 107, the only ass here is you. You could have just asked me why I was looking at the situation from that perspective, but instead you decided to be an ass. :) ( I use a smiley face to hide the fact that i just called you an ass and to make you feel better)

Feel free to thumb it down all you want. I was just giving my opinion like I'm supposed to do.

  ShroomsOnAcid  |  16

16, Heroin addicts are usually downright depressing to be around. It would be insane for her not to notice SOMETHING was wrong with her boyfriend, if his addiction wasn't fresh.

  ClassyCommando  |  13

Oh, then maybe she thought he was a sullen, broody type. Girls seem to find those kind of guys attractive, ever since that accursed "Twilight" series was dragged up to this world from the sewers of Hell.

  TorturedXeno  |  27

4 - you're going to take an arrow to the knee.
Just sayin'.


Yeah I know how fun that is, I used to be a legendary hero just like you but then I took an arrow to the knee:(

Surprisingly hard to find a dragon with an arrow through your leg, o well gives me time to practice my bow & arrow skills lol

  fancyclown  |  9

Meanwhile at 13's boyfriend's house:

"There's a bunch of Colombians coming in Friday. New guys. They say they got two keys for us, for openers. Pure coke. Hotel in Miami Beach. I want you go over there. If it's what they say it is, you pay 'em and bring it back. You do that, you get five grand!"


Just thought I'd be a killjoy and let you know that there is no way your ever going to get more than 80% purity even straight from the suppliers, unless you have built up a real high tolerance for blow just 1 or 2 bumps of 100% pure sh!t COULD kill you.

  jbon87  |  6

I doubt it. Considering the LD50 of cocaine is ~95mg/kg, and a bump would be <100mg, you'd have to be exceptionally light to die from two bumps.

  murdersquirrel  |  15

You would think...but it's not impossible for this scenario to occur, especially if it's a new habit and he doesn't have a tolerance built up yet, or withdrawal symptoms when he doesn't use.

  AllyyK  |  9

Lol.. yes I WOULD know. And thank you #95 for telling me something I already know! Trust me, I'd know. I know my boyfriend VERY well but thanks anyways? And haha #58 very funny :)

  samarch0079  |  0

Are you shitting me?!?! Uh yeah moms lie for their kids all the time. I would do it for my son if he asked, but I don't think I would have used rehab as an excuse.