By Alli.M - 18/03/2012 11:06 - Australia - Canberra

Today, I got a migraine. I work in an arcade with lots of bright lights, loud noises and screaming children. I was stuck in there for 7 hours. FML
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Hey a good game of pacman always cures my problems


Wow, that does suck. Don't you have a boss who could send you home?

Viciousstorms 7

4 - Then OP would be without a job. Migraines suck, but I think I would rather work with one than be looking for a job.

OP was actually at his house, but got on some LSD. That's why he started to have crazy hallucinations where flashing lights and demon children ****** up his day. It also explains why he got a headache. I think that this theory is most likely what happened. But OP actually working at an arcade is still feasible.

^ I thought people took LSD to be happy, not to hallucinate some completely ****** up scenario worthy of being on FML

It does both. Truthfully, the effect of LSD actually depends on your mood. :) Don't ask me why I know.

It's simple, he gave it to his Monkey and calculated the results. Shame on you for assuming he took LSD. SHAME!

Actually I used this magical problem solving gypsie named google. You type some words and it gives you any answer you want. Isn't it wonderful?

littlegold 7

Cad6 you are so funny!!!! Google gypsie what r u going to say next -rolls on floor laughing-

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Sadly, many bosses don't give a rat's ass about their employees. Sad but true. :/

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Haha I'm 18 and I used to work at chuck e cheeses and when they made me get in the costume I though it would be funny to fart and crop dust the kids behind me but the hot air goes up . Up into the mask and linger

I'm sorry but the image of OP punching kids at an arcade had me in stitches.

itssamdallasbro 1

There's only one cure for a migraine. Amputation.

7-- without a job? For punching kids? I think it's more like be in jail! What planet are you from?

I feel your pain and I hope that you make it through the affair without punching someone or something.

afunnyterdcody 5

Ur profile pics looks like ur trying to squeeze a fart out haha

Cody, from the looks of your past 2 comments, I do believe you have a fart addiction. They have therapists out there for that sorta thing.

Haha yea you do look a wee bit sill Look sexy: raises leg..... Fail :)

I couldn't make it happen so I attempted the papparazzi bit to force it out. No luck.

You know, it's scientifically proven that clothes hinder the progress of farts. Since I noticed yours seem to be tight on the skin and that would no doubt block all of the gassy air, you should probably just take off all of your clothes in order to release that fart. I look forward to seeing an update in your progress/profile picture

Bella, considering the amount of comments on your pic, people noticed you so be flattered, not flustered. You look fine, not flatuant. (Says the guy also showing a bit of skin....) :)

Oh man I feel ya pain I get them. Go to your Doctor ask for zomig or migrinal I use it, it helps a LOT! Good luck!

Nah, a nice swig of good ol' whiskey 'ought to do it. :)

It sounds like you are teaching or at school

I've never experienced a migraine that lasted seven whole hours.

Fortunately you aren't OP. Migraines can last up to 3 days or longer in rare cases. If you really think migraines are always short-lived, this is a great opportunity for you to read up on it and learn something.

I have chronic migraines all throughout the year with a few days break every month. I'm feeling OPs pain u_u migraines are the worst.

npearson5290 4

You've never experienced a migraine then.

usnwife 18

I've tried every medicine out there, getting 12 injections in my head a month now as treatment - occipital nerve blocks - and still will get bad ones that last 4 days at a time. 7 hrs is nothing. I have 2 toddlers, though not an arcade I certainly understand OPs pain!

I get them every now and then and they usually last a couple hours but my mom gets the and they'll last a day or two.

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My friend had to go to the doctor back in January because she had a migraine for forty days.

3yellowzebras 19

Yep you have never had a migraine, I'm a chronic sufferer and have had them for 53 days straight, not much worse than them unless you have TN too :(

Wow... I know your pain! Once my family with all my little cousins came to visit us, and I got a migraine. Oh the joy of having to look after screaming 2 year olds with cartoons in the background while you have a migraine...

Unless this is your first migraine, you have no one to blame but yourself since you got yourself a job in a potentially hostile environment. That's as stupid as someone who's terrified of mice getting a job at Disney World.

However for a lot of people a job is a job. The OP may have no other choice. There's no reason to invalidate the OP's pain. Not everyone is a doctor...

10- Walt Disney was actually terrified of mice. Mickey mouse was how he got over his fear.

As harsh as it sounds, Doc is right. I get severe migraines; to me, continuing to work through a migraine is physically impossible. My employers are thoroughly informed of my condition, but I still don't take jobs that I know could trigger a migraine, or that would put me in a crazy pickle if I did. If this is a reoccurring condition of the OPs, then they should have had some foresight: either not taking a trigger job, or having a plan in place with their boss in case of migraine.

At least he should have carry his medications with him...

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Not all migraines are caused by lights and sound. Some are caused by certain smells and various other things. Not exactly stuff you can avoid. :/

If you count Chuck E Cheese, then hell yeah!

I remember that there is an arcade on the small Balboa peninsula in Newport Beach CA, and one in San Fransisco. Arcades are rare, but they're there. You just have to look harder. ...and no I don't count Chuck E. Cheeses. The don't have any GOOD and CLASSIC arcade games. A_TEEN needs his Pac-Man.

Well yes, but upyourz needs his vomiting little kids and semi-half good pizza!

FruityLoooons 8

What, arcades ain't hip anymore for you, boy? All that Playstation Network and/or Xbox Live, huh? HUH? Got dang youth and their vidya games... (lol idk)

There's always Boomers. Not my first choice but you certainly can't get picky with a rare species.

Hey do you have some aspiren? I've had a ******* headache all day.

Eat a lemon next time, sounds weird but it really helps migraines go away!

This remedy works even better if you put a few ibuprofen tablets in the lemon.

And even better if you stuff in some baby aspirin!

yeah a lemon... with a shot of anti nausea and pethodiene yeah that works. operative word here is 'migraine' (ball busting, eye watering head thumping,vision impairement, that leave you wanting to jump off a cliff)... not a little heady achy o.0 smh