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Today, I begged a coworker to let me borrow her lighter for my smoke break, since I'd lost mine. She was reluctant because of my track record of losing the darn things. After my break I stopped to use the restroom really quick, and promptly dropped the lighter into the toilet. FML
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I wonder what OP was trying to light while using the restroom.

Damn it #8! We could have had a great pun thread and you just light that option up in flames -.-

8: the original buzz kill who kills your buzz before it even starts.

OP maybe sticking with a matchbox in the old fashion way would be great for while until you get rid of your loosing habit it's cheaper than lighters and you can keep few in your locker/drawer just in case

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Well, at least you're not, nor do people consider you, a kleptomaniac...

Make sure you brought all your things, because no one will be lending you any .

yeah, just buy her a new one. it was an accident and, technically, you know exactly where this one is. if you replace it (or even just give her the money to replace it ), you're trying to make it right and I'm sure she'll understand.

You need those mittens on strings. Except replace the mittens with everything ever.

I'll be honest, you sort of deserve it for smoking. please take this as a hint, stop destroying your lungs!

Its not illegal so its her right to smoke.

Just because it's not illegal does not mean it's still really stupid & she should quit.

If smoking was so simple to just quit, no one would smoke. But it's an addiction and a chemical dependency. I guarantee the majority of smokers don't want to smoke but are caught in the addiction. It's not fair to ask you to have empathy when people choose to start smoking but come on, the majority of smokers started young and then found themselves as adults totally addicted. Stopping smoking is really really hard and I guarantee every smoker knows what they're doing to their body, you aren't bringing new information to the table.

18 that is like saying driving is dangerous to yourself and others so lets make it illegal.

OP can do what they want to their own body. OP's lungs, OP's decision. How do you know its a stupid decision? If OP's goal is to live a long time, then smoking would be a stupid choice, but maybe OP has different goals? If a person likes smoking and it makes them feel good, then its really just a matter of quantity vs quality. And its for each person to decide for themselves. Everyone dies in the end anyway. OP doesn't owe anyone a long life.

Thunderstruck14 - Your username is ironically appropriate. I can't decide if your comment is due to youthful naivety, willful ignorance, or sheer stupidity. I don't know where this "It's their body so they can do whatever the hell they want with it" attitude comes from, but it's absurd. Your body and your health are gifts, and you only get one chance at it. Abusing either is an affront to basic human dignity.

Um its their body what they do to it doesn't affect you so don't try to stick your nose in their business.

Gifts? From who? Don't you know how people are made? Its not a gift. Two people do it and a baby is born. What do you think people are supposed to do? Tip toe through life to make sure they live as long as possible? Who decides what people are supposed to do? And yes, a person CAN do what they want with their body, as long as it doesn't put others at risk. What makes you think they should do what someone else wants them to do with their body instead? Everyone knows smoking is bad for you. It shouldn't be encouraged, but it someone wants to do something and they're not hurting other people, basically if you tell them what they can and can't do, you're taking away someone's freedom.

Ichiya and Thunderstruck - The only way you could possibly believe that is if you've A) never seen the effects of tobacco and B) never taken care of someone dying of a smoking-related disease. If you think doing stupid shit really affects only you, then you must have no one in your life who cares about you. Doing dangerous stuff affects EVERYONE around you. Only small children and the very narrow-minded can't understand that.

#32 It can affect other people, you know. People can serious asthma attacks and such from second hand smoke.

#33 I wish smoking only effected the smoker. My grandmother and my mother smoke. My grandmother died from lung cancer and my mother probably will too. Hell, I probably will too if I don't give it up (no matter how hard I try). I don't agree with the whole "life is a gift thing" and I do believe everyone has a right to smoke but it's still an incredibly sad addiction that too few people manage to break away from before it's too late.

By your logic, we should do everything everybody tells us to because if we don't do what they want at all times it may negatively effect them. Your logic fails on so many levels as you don't even follow it in you daily life. "Life is a gift" **** off with your pretentious comments. Life is not a gift, life is life. I can male empty statements like you all day. "Don't drive cars because life is a gift and you could die". Seriously, one of the most pathetic assertions I have heard.

I happen to have severe asthma but I say let smokers smoke. I can walk a little out of my way to avoid it.

CarlosDanger - Perhaps I see life as a gift because I see idiotic fuckwits like you wasting theirs every ******* day I work. Driving too fast, not wearing seatbelts, using drugs, smoking, doing all kinds of stupid shit. I can't even count how many times I've pronounced a teenager dead and said, "What a waste." Dozens probably. It's sad and it's stupid and its preventable. I'm raising my 2 kids to know just how fragile life is and how easily it's gone. You want to call that pretentious and think YOLO like so many others? Go right ahead. I'll see you in my trauma bay with all the other idiots who think like you.

you do know that there is a thing called second hand smoke right? that means that smoking does put others at risk. they dont have the right to smoke around people juat because they enjoy it. just cuz they want to live a shorter life doesnt mean they have the right to make everyone elses life shorter.

I like driving way too fast. So I'm just going to do it, and if anybody gets hit, it's their fault for being in my way. I'm just doing what I enjoy! Y'all are ******* dead in the brain if you think smoking only hurts the smoker. ******* pathetic. **** all the logic and studies in the world, it's just government propaganda to better control our lives. Seriously people, stop ******* arguing that smoking doesn't hurt anybody else!

Stop trying to force your views on others. Dumbass!

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People are gonna die no matter what. May aswell enjoy a few smokes on the way!

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66 he's not forcing his views on anybody any more than you are, he's just arguing a point like you were (except intelligently.) Personally I don't have sympathy for any dying smoker, because unless you started in the 60s you knew it would kill you eventually.

You can die from driving, drinking (both water and alcohol), swimming, cooking, doing many jobs but smokers are horrible? Every day you do anything you are putting yourself and others at risk. Thsts life sure smokers should be more careful where they smoke but shouldn't nonsmokers tane precautions too. Ever read a poem titled Terrence This is Stupid Stuff? It tells us to hope for the good but prepare for the bad.

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Just because it's hard doesn't mean they shouldn't try, and it certainly doesn't justify anything

If they want to then they should try, but if they are happy and being respectful with it then let them enjoy themselves.

Almost everyone on this thread is being really judgmental. Have you never made a mistake? Have you never been peer pressured into doing something or rebelled? Have you never done something to be accepted and to look cool? If you answered no to those questions, you're either way too young for this app/website and you're probably 12. Or you lied. People smoke. It's perfectly legal. It's not your decision to make, and you have no right to judge someone to do so. There are many people who intentionally do not smoke around other non-smokers, or blow away their smoke, and if they don't, they are being a bit reckless. However, that person can ask them to stop or move away at any time. It's their bodies. It's their life. If you don't want to smoke, good for you. But don't judge someone else because they didn't make the same decision as you. We're all different people, know that and appreciate that. Keep that in mind next time you mistakenly judge someone.

74 maybe you don't realize this but there's a difference between the dangers of smoking an the dangers of swimming or cooking as you say. Sure you can get hurt by cooking or swimming but smoking is inherently dangerous, it slowly degenerates your body every time you smoke. So please stop equating things that are completely different. Also please stop romanticizing smoking as something that improves the quality of life.

@ lovelyvampire and littlehamm: I personally am against smoking and have seen the effects of it first hand so *I'd* never do it. However, that's *my* choice and no one can make me change it - same goes for those who do decide to smoke like the OP. If someone wants to smoke, let them. It's their choice and their choice alone and the only person who can change it or tell them what to do regarding that choice is themselves. You're allowed to have your opinion but you're not allowed to force it on anyone else and, if you can't say it nicely, maybe you shouldn't say it at all.

Can't you go to a shop to buy more? Even if you don't replace it the same day you should still replace it, unless you lose that one too..

I think now YOU should get lost really quick!

Put your lighter on a rope, butterfingers. ;-) Try out a vape and save yourself.

Maybe you should look on the lighter side of things – at least you didn't lose it