By EricabrahamEA - 21/10/2016 11:55 - India

Today, I asked the iguana to paint his cousin, the chameleon. He nailed it. Smartass. FML
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This is a bearded dragon.

That's not an iguana...


This is a bearded dragon.

That's not an iguana...

That's a dragon I think

Where can I see the blogs on iOS? I've only seen one!

That's a bearded dragon, not an iguana.

That's a bearded dragon, a female one at that.

How could you know it's a female by this picture?

Yes this is a bearded dragon..but there's no way you can tell it's a female from this picture. You can only tell by looking at the base of their tail.

#26 In my experience, females have smaller heads then males do. That's how I could tell. Not as accurate as what #27 said, though.

Thats a Bearded Dragon and Chameleons don't actually blend into their surroundings.

Every time I see one of these pictures, I can't help thinking that some manager/boss/founder/"other big person" at FML came up with this "amazing" idea, and that's why even when clearly no one finds them remotely funny.. FML has to keep featuring them to not upset the person that came up with it.. At least that's how it would be in the start-up I work :P

That's not an iguana that's a bearded dragon

I wish I could favorite this.