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By  Geckosrock99  |  33

Hey, OP here. So what happed was I was sitting on my bed watching anime when my iguana climbed up and sat next to me. I thought nothing of it as he likes watching cartoons. I was totally into the show (Twin Star Exorcists) and was pretty surprised when I felt the bite. He did very little damage, just two teeth sized little holes. After washing up, I gave him a mix of collard greens and a peach with his reptile calcuim on top and he ate everything. Guess he thought my finger was a peach, because he nibbled it. Same hand, only a little damage. He's a good boy when he's not trying to eat my hand/fingers. I think he got that habit when I was hand feeding him to help fix his behavior problems. He's easier to read now that he trusts me, but he associates fingers with food a little too much, even if his food is in a bowl. I used asshole in an endearing way, since he will knock things off my dresser, escape the safety of my room, and make messes where he isn't supposed to, on top of trying to eat my hand/fingers. I love him anyway, mischief and all.

  Geckosrock99  |  33

#16 Mine will climb on my back and just sit there. If he gets hungry during a piggyback ride, he'll start eating my hair. Even now as I type this, he's trying to steal my Pringles.

  GAJones4221  |  10

I know it probably doesn't compare very well op but sometimes animals just don't understand. my mouse used to chew on my finger when I would give him a cheerio, he's absolutely adorable and I got mad, he doesn't understand though, mice are ocd about cleaning themselves, I'm not saying that to be mean, they literally are, I figured out he was doing it cause he can see the tiny layers of dead skin that our fingers get ( yes there's dead skin there people ) mice will only groom other people they consider to be part of their pack, I'm sure your lizard wasn't trying to be mean, he probably misunderstood.

By  CourtneyPaigee16  |  13

Iguanas are not supposed to be house pets anyways, since they're better off in their natural habitats due to the lack of care from many owners. (Not talking about op) Maybe your hand looked super tasty to him, lmao!

By  SmDestroyer  |  8

Sounds like you need to handle him more so he gets comfortable with it. Unless he's super old already, in which case it's hard to teach old reptiles new tricks.

  sylvienoir  |  18

if you read the OPs comment the way he talks about the iguana makes me think he's pretty tame. i dont know of any wild animals that like to sit and watch cartoons.