By Jade - 25/04/2011 13:49 - United Kingdom

Today, my boyfriend proposed to me in front of an entire street of people. We've only been dating for a week. One of the women in the crowd then called me heartless and threw a hamburger at me when I turned him down. FML
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ouch. gotta love random strangers. I feel bad for him though. even if it was only a week.


ouch. gotta love random strangers. I feel bad for him though. even if it was only a week.

I think the guy is stupid. anyways, she gets a free burger! that's a win.

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@21; The boyfriend doesn't know what he wants after a week's time. SEVEN days time and he wants to spend the rest of his life with the OP? The boyfriend came on far too strong, even if they had been friends for years prior to their dating.

Ah, right. the boyfriend must have wanted the hamburger!

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I would feel bad too. :( poor crazy guy.

Obviously he wanted to get some food guys!

I don't know what your doing to him to make him love u that much, lol

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he was probably obsessed with her for a while before they started going out so it felt like more than a week for him.

he should of understood the fact that u only knew him 4 a week unless he was crazy and obssessed with op lol

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You should've proposed to her and threw the hamburger back at her face when she rejected you.

that was heartless of that girl to throw a hamburger at your face, or you could look at it as free food

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that's kinda what happened. a burger did get thrown at her.

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124 - Yeah, because St. Louis, Missouri, the United States' MOST dangerous and violent city is MUCH better, than Canada. Do us a favor; go throw on your Rams' jersey and then go RAM your head through your bedroom wall.

Why did this random have a hamburger in the street, who walks about eating a burger?

don't **** with 124 he is self proclaimed "tough".

i agree with # 124. Canada is the reason justin bieber came to america... dam u canada! DAM U!!!!!!

#124 first of all you look like a weasel and second of all your hair is ridiculous so get over yourself

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I don't think her boyfriend was a random stranger. I'm pretty sure she knew the guy before she started being with him

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124, you give your name a bad name... my.... name.... :/

164 we all have things that we're not proud about…

140 - That is correct. I find that not even offensive, taken that I live I STL, it's true.

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at least canada gives some americans under aged drinking since they can drink at age 18 legally

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I agree there all a bunch of *******

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the united states is not a city dumbass

my parents got married after a day of being together and they are still together 30 years later. highly unlikely I know, but have some faith in love once in a while.

She should have said yes in front of the crowd, then have pulled him to the side and said no, lol.

OP is lucky! I wish people gave me free hamburgers

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yes it does except for snowbording then its good

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**** you. my back yard where I grew up is a beautiful Nova Scotia field and woods behind that. you have what? a wallmart parking lot? grow up and get over your self.

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47, you're my soulmate. YAY PIANOS AND MOTHER RUSSIA!!!

no im just kidding. canada gave us canadian bacon. canadian bacon is good. they also gave us steve nash. They also gave us green day... i think.... forget about the green day....

but we have deadmau5 to make up for it

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I agree! Break up with him before he turns into a stalker.

it doesn't matter what op does, she already has a stalker

If he's crazy, what the hells with all the YDIs?

Ignore my comment, FML was glitched on my iPod showing YDI having about 100 more votes than FYL.

Right now I see more than 1000 crazy people who vote YDI. What do they want, that everybody agrees in a marriage with a person they don't love enough to marry?

132 yes the picture is adorable but the kitty looks really really sad :'(

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Someone fell head over heels in love with OP fast!

She paid for it with his crushed soul.

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Octagonal Penis. but some people call it ovulating penis.. dunno why

don't listen to the trolls. the definition of OP is Original Poster. :)

170 stop trying to confuse him, along with everyone else, OP means Oprahs Penis.

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170, I think you meant original posture? As in the first position you are in when having sex.

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How is this an FML? Free hamburger!

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happened to me...very uncomfortable position to get stuck in

how would you know? I don't think she's lying (:

I think she was the dude in that situation. Breaking the gender barrier and failed.

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Hope you threw it right back in her face .... With the appropriate explanation :-)

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